Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Marriage crisis after moving aboard

Moving a board may be a family project. Maybe you spent long time making it possible to achieve a better future for the whole family.

At the very beginning, all of you were so exiting. But after a while, you start feeling depressed, to make things worse, your notice the same feeling in your partner.

It is getting you apart from each other. You are having very few sex, share few experiences, also, exchanging few words per day.

So, your dream became a nightmare.

Keep calm. It is very common, because both of you are missing your old life, and discovering new experiences that maybe you don’t know how to introduce into your long time marriage.

First of all, I recommend talk clearly with your partner about your feelings.

Second, start sharing new experiences, like practicing a new hobby or doing exercises together.

Last, in the case, after a couple of weeks things are getting worse, please not give an opportunity to lose your marriage.

It is time to look for a professional specialized in couples. I recommend you to look for a good one, because it is a soft issue. From my point of view you can find a good therapist in this page
Good look.

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Your partner is shy

So, your partner is willing to get therapy, but, he/she is very shy, he/she says will not feel comfortable talking in front a new person.

Well, there are many advantage for online therapy, such as: . A Good Option for Remote Areas, Accessibility for Those With Physical Limitations, Convenience and Affordability, Online Therapy Makes, It Can Also Be an Educational Tool, and of course, shy people may feel more secure.

In the case you believe it is a good idea for you, I highly recommend you this page
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Involve your partner into your progress

Well, now, you have some weeks meeting a counselor. Your start getting better. Your life is much happier. However, even though you are thinking clearly, you continue having problems in your relationship.

It is time to involve your partner into therapy for you both and your relationship.

You can say properly it is a good idea, because you are feeling greater now. So, what you can do to persuade your partner is showing she/he some pages where you can find information about couple therapy benefit.

There are many pages in internet for it. But my favorite one is this so, take a look of it, and try to use it to win round your partner to attend for therapy.

Love history continue

Well, you talk to your partner, but things are not getting better.

Your partner say the problem is yours. So, you understand most of the problem actually is, because you are the one who is living aboard.

You believe it could be great that both of you get therapy, but your partner is not open yet.

So, try remembering the goal: having a nice relationship with this amazing person.

What you really need is solving the problem, instead of proving who is right or not.  What is more, you must be very stress because all the changes you are facing now.

At this point, I honestly recommend you having a counselor in order to organize your life, make your thoughts clear and improve your relationship.

I have noticed that when a partner look for help, the other one follow the step. So, it could bring a long time benefit.

Go for the first step from you. Look for mental health help, and be hopeful your partner will follow you.

You may contact mi for this issue by or you could find also great professionals in this page

You are in love, it is a disaster.


Now, you are involved with this so wonderful person, who is so dissimilar from you. We are talking about a person from a completely different culture. She/he was born in this country which is now your home, consequently, she/he was risen speaking another language, having other habits…

However, you are in love, but most of the time you understand nothing about one´s interest or point of view. You are really making an effort, you are awake that you are the outsider. But, loving should be an experience for relaxing and feeling at home. Now, you do not feel at home never… It is very hard.

First of all, you might try explaining to this person what are you feeling now, but avoiding to blame your partner. You need to communicate what is hart to you, so, my piece of advice is follow the next pathway: talk about what do you think is the reason of the problem, next what do you feel about, what do you believe it is the reason behind the problem and what would you prefer your partner make instead.

Second, keep always in mind that it is never a good idea trying to make your partner feel bad or sad. So, make an effort to use well your words.

Finally, be sure you let your partner know that you want to solve the problem because you love each other.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Studying in a new language

It may be the most difficult thing in the life. It is always tough study, but in a second language it get harder.

I am sure you will to a great job.

Here, I offer some peace of advices:

1 Sleeping enough, it is the key to keep your mind open for new information.

2 You need study more than others, so, try to invest 5 hours per day studying at home.

3 When you start not understanding the language, it is because you are tired, so, it is time to get a break and doing another king of things, get relax.

4 It sound difficult because of the time, but it is pivotal having a new social life and enjoy it.

Sometimes, it all looks impossible, maybe, you need help to manage all this stuff, for this reason I will give you a link to check if you need extra help and also what kind of it.

I hope it was useful for you, however, if you need to talk someone, you may write me I will be happy to help you.

Having a partner in a new country.

After a while, you start feeling in home living aboard. Now, you have some friend, and suddenly you start falling in love with this person…

He/she is a very special person who make you feel very good. What is usual, at the very beginning it is all running nice. However, after a while, the relationship is getting deeper, then, you both may start getting communication issues, it is not only because of the language, but the culture differences.

Well, honestly, you are the different one, everybody expect you may the biggest effort to adapt yourself into this environment. What is more, you are expecting the same for you.

So, first, you could be a litter shy in order to try to understand what is happening around. Second, try asking everything you do not understand, to know the behavior patterns.

Remember that it is different how rituals of partners are built around the globe. The time to meet family depend on each culture, as well, as time to do many things.

Your partner is now a support for you. However, if the relation is getting you stressed, try to avoid stop it, remember that when you understand what is happening it will be easier.

I can understand that you fell full of stress, everything is new, you are the estranger, so, if you start felling it is so much to you, maybe it is time to find a counselor, so, will give you a link to check if you consider you need it. This page may help you,

On the other hand, remember it is a normal process you are facing, you will feel better soon.