Friday, 31 December 2010

Thank God for this difficult year!

Today is the last day of this difficult year!
This year, my life changed! Before, I was quiet in my little home, my husband and I had normal goals; we are quiet!
This year was like an earthquake... but still, we continued together, growing together.
This year my mom left, my vacations was beautiful, my doggy was sick, I lived important things for me...
This was a very difficult year... and thank God was in this ways!
This earthquake, forced me, don’t to live like people that the rain left without home. Forced me, don’t be appellant injured, and to search new roads.
Now, is the last day of is year, I don’t have home, I don’t have quiet, but I have a dream! I have goals!
I wish consolidate my wish this new year, and wake up the next 31 of December and go to walk for the beach and perceive the special smell of the seas. I wish soon I can walk quiet without stress, fear or anguish.
I hope can see the dawn while I walk to the beach...
Those are my wishes for this new year... and my goal are: have a good IELTS with the punctuation that I need soon, have my registration in the board of psychologist soon, have a new job in NZ soon, have my work visa soon, and go to life to NZ as soon as will be possible!
Happy new year for you! My biggest wish for you is: I wish, yours goal carry you to your dreams!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Second attempt of Academics Writing Task 1

In different countries, the people prefer automatic washing machines with different features. Then, you could read the specific information about it.
In Unite Kingdom, the people have rather machines with: shell of 34" & narrow, drum enamel, loading top, 5 kilos of capacity, spin speed 700 rph, without water heating system, styling feature inconspicuous appearance and agitator of washing action.
In France, the people have similar interest in: shell, drum material, capacity and washing action. But still, about loading they prefer the front, spin seed 600 rpm, with water heating system, and elegant appearance in styling feature.
In the other hand, in Germany and Sweden, the people preferred shell of 34" & wide, with drum of stainless steel, loading front, capacity of 6 kilos and washing action tumble.
However, Germany's people preferred, spin speed 850 rps while in Sweden 800 rpm; in Germany preferred the automatic washing machines with water heating system in contrast Sweden that do not like it. Finally, in Germany, the people like these machines with indestructible appearance and in Sweden with strong appearance in its styling feature.

First attempt of Academics Writing task 1

The graph below shows the relation between specifics postgraduate studies in Australia and ages range 25-34 and 55-69. This figure are divided in two graph about two groups, the first groups with ages range 25-34 and the second with ages range 55-69.
The first group was compound for 374.500 Australian students with ages range 25-34 years old. The most students was in Social sciences, Arts with 19.48% percent, followed for Administration (19.08%), Sciences, Math, Computers (18.19%), Education (14.79%), Engineering (9.25%), Medicine (7.4%), law (5.53%), Veterinary and Agriculture (2.10%), Architecture (1.84%) and finally others careers with 2.24%.
In the other hand, the second group was compound for 104.800 Australian students with age rage 55-69 years old. In this case, the most students was in Social Sciences, Arts like the first groups but with 20.42%, followed for Engineering (19.27%), Administration (14.18%),  Education (13.17%), Medicine (11.25%), Sciences, Math, Computers (10.11%), Law (3.35%),  Architecture (2.26%), Veterinary and Agriculture (2.0%) and others careers with 2.48%.
In this graph is possible to see the differences and similarities about student interests in those two of age ranges.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

First attempt of register me in the IELTS

I went to register me for the IELTS today, I felt nervous, fear, confused, anxious, a mixed feelings. I needed two pic and went to do it. After that, I walked with my husband fo the street and take his hand strongly. I needed his support.
When I finally arrived to the place of IELTS, it was closed! They will be open the next week! However, I need to register me in the IELTS to have a control illusion in relation to my anxiety. I need  have to date for the IELTS and organice my shedule with real time.
On the other hand, when the people register for the IELTS, they can study in the official place, and use the library and other resources. It could be a biggest help to me! I need a quiet place with good environment that help me in my learning process. It could be a great help!
Well, In two days will be New Year, a big family party, maybe I´ll be really happy about it. But still, my real interest is on monday, when I can register me in the test, go to study there, and feel some control about my anxiety.
See you tomorrow!

To my real mom.

Who is my real mom?
Well, when I was born, the life gave me a mom and she gave me the life (like dialectical relationship)
I couldnt choose... I didnt feel good and satisfied with it. I always needed a mom, a real mom. I always needed someone  saw me with love, someone to acompany me in the life experience... Only it.. Maybe sound easy, but it isnt!
I had years searching it... sometimes, I felt the illusion of having found it. Sometimes, I felt the illusion didnt need it anymore.
When I was 22, I found it!
I found: the eyes that see me with love, the person that go with me in my heart!
When I was 22, I found my real mom! the mom that I can to choose, the mom that love me like mom.
Thank god about it!
Now, I have a mom in my heart! I dont need see her everyday, I dont need to see her to know she is with me!
Mom: you are in my heart, in the special place only for you. You are in my heart where I always can be with you, in this place where no one else can enter.
Love you!

We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. They are used in business, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes. What things will they be used in the future? Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits?

There has long been a debate over develop of technology and its impact in the society. Studding the develop society, could suppose, the technology continue to advance, and in the future, the people will have everyday more machines to do daily´s things.

The machines could do most difficult the warm relationship between people, if the people are not engage with others, the machines could facilitates cold and distance relationship. The machines do have  not our intelligence and are absolutely dependent of people, but sometime the people feel their machines like friends or family, and this is a big problem in relation theirs mental health.

However, many people always feel fear faced the new things, and technology´s things are not the exception, and that is understandable, because sometime the machines do thing unknow for people, and the people feel nervous about its running. In this case, the biggest solution is to help the people to know the machines and offers the ways to have the absolute control about it. This ability to help decrease a lot of fears like sciences fiction movies.

Furthermore, the technology thing have being create to make easiest the people´s life, if people can to control their technology’s things, they could have a very easy life, and to use their intelligence in really important activities where the machines are not capable to faced it.

In conclusion, the technology could be a very big opportunity to help people and to do the life easiest; nonetheless, people need to know profoundly the machines running to avoid futures problems and to have a total control about it.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Obvious and impotant reflexion!

Im worried about the IELTS when Im not studing! but when Im studing, often I feel very well with my learning process and frecuently I feel I can have a good puntations in the IELTS.
Now the solutions is: I need to study when Im worried! that is the surest way for to murder this worry!

The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. The new fashion mil be to have several careers or ways of earning money and further education will be something that continues throughout life.

There has long been a debate over if is better that the people have a university career or have a any job. To have a good society is necessary than do not every people have a university career, but people with university career have most opportunities for their life.

For many people to know work in any thing is a vey important possibility to have money when they are young, and if they love their jobs and are good workers they could have a very good job promotions and a good salary. When a person starts in a job and is good worker, he has more benefits and security after a while.

However, when people without career lost the job, they need to start in other job without good conditions, and is possible they go step by step to have job promotions, while the people with university career always start with good salary and in important position. This people frequently have a better employment benefits and most employment offers.

Furthermore, people with university career could have a good job in any place, and they could go away of their city or country and have a lot of possibilities to have a job wherever they go, because, in the world people thinks when a person have a university career they can offer a qualify job, and the employers will not need invest a lot of money in this worker.

In conclusion, for the society is important, people without university career, nonetheless, people with university career have more job security.

News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspapers. What factors do you think influence these decisions? Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported?

I dont feel really good about this essay because Im not  sure if i understand good the question. But, however I did it.

There has long been a debate over the diffusion ways of news and about the good and bad news.  The TV has wider public than the newspapers, but they should share the information and allow the people have a lot of sources of information.

The good news help the people to feel better as their do not be worried about the problems and can enjoy their life and their good news.

However, people should be able to know every type of news, because do not to know the news is worse since the problem could being biggest while people do not know, and is possible that do not know the bad news could generate a biggest problems in the future to people who did not know about it. Some people when do not to know the news could be feel anxiety  and it could difficult the develop of their activities. Nonetheless, the people can to decide if they want to know all news, only good news, only bad news, or do not know the news.

Furthermore, in the world have all type of news, the people should have access at all. The good and bad news are important information, and people need to know it to take decision in relation it. If the people do not know the information, they do not be prepared and would be difficult to take appropriate decisions about the specific situation.

In conclusion, the important information should be share in TV and newspapers and the media should offer all type of news to people. The people can decide if they want to know all news or only good or bad news, but the information should be available.