Sunday, 27 February 2011


I’m thinking go to NZ to help the people on the earthquake on Christchuch; I think it could be great for all; on a hand I could help them, and lend my support in the psychologist problems with this disaster; this people will need a lot of help, support, containment and accompanying for resume their life and start a new life. On the other hand, I could start my Kiwi life offering something important for them, understand their culture and way of think, learn about them, and could be a chase to they know about myself and my work, and in the future I could have good work and better Lifestyle.
I think, this could be great for all; I hope the people in NZ are thinking like me and call me soon.
However, I’m a little scared because, if they call me, I’ll go to new country, to a destroyed city, when speak other language, and I’ll be alone, without my husband, doggy, friends or family.
That sound difficult, but I think I can do it!
Now, I’m waiting for official NZ contact.
I’ll tell you about it soon.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

My letter for several organizations in NZ to offer my support

First, I could say you, I really sorry the consequences of this earthquake and I would like help you with this!
My Name is Tahirí Rojas, I am from Venezuela and I am clinical psychologist here.
I was planed go to NZ to live in short time, first to study English to refine the  language before request my register in the Board of Psychologist NZ (I have revised the requirement and I have everything that they ask for it). I had though go to Auckland on August (not before because I’m collecting my documentation) and study English for 6 month and late request the work visa and find work.
But now, the situation is really different!!! I’m very worry and sad about terrible emergency on Christchuch; and I’m asking me: who will offer psychologist support these people if they don’t have enough psychologists? I’m thinking about all of help that people will need with this terrible trouble. Well, my desire is not live or work in Christchuch, but with this disaster, I’m capable to go to this city for the necessary time of this place need me and later continue with my plan.
I feel able to help people during the crisis and accompany them enough time to be better and resume their life.  If you need my help I could be to NZ as soon as I have a temporal visa (my family could help me looking for the documentation not ready and send me in the future for continue with my plan when this situation be better). I think I only will need help with the language on the beginning, but I’m sure I have enough level of English for help the people on crisis and during this time I could improve in the language and then help the people for the most sensible troubles that they have.

Sorry! I almost forgot make a little introduction about me, and I think it could be important if you consider my offer: I am 28 years old, I am married, and studied 5 years for me License who Psychologist (with thesis) and 2 years for my degree like clinical psychologist (with thesis) I have 6 experiences years, I have been university professor, I have worked in my private consult during more than 5 years and with others institution the same time. My level English is intermediate but I need a lot of help with my listening on specific kiwi accent. I am dynamic and engaged people with everything in my life.

Best Regards.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A beautiful and sad closing process

Today I feel like very good psychotherapeutic. More than 15 years ago, when I was pre-teenagers still, I was frequently dreaming with be psychologist someday! I waited 7 years for start the university and 3 and half years late I had my first patient; 1 and half year late I opened my private consult, with emotion, fear, expectations, dreams and without money or family support.  Today, 5 and half years late I’m closing with it, I can’t receive new patient and with the olds I’m working the close process.
I’m thinking about my patients  and their process, and I can see this had been, with important developments and elaboration process.
Some minutes ago, I attended the most difficult patient that I have had, and now, with more than 3 works year is a really different person! She have better lifestyle, but the most important is, She have could build an internal world and understand for control her internal conflict and debilities. In additional, she is able to have good relationship with others and think on their emotions or situations and have a good behavior with them.
On the other hand, sometimes I can see myself doing terrible mistakes, and still I have acting out with some patients or bad behaviors with them. I’m not forgetting it; but still, that is not all, also I can see how I have learned and development like psychotherapeutic and person with my patients. I have studied, found help, had mistake a lot, loss some patients, hurt some of them; but the next day (or the next moment sometimes) I have woke up again and continue trying.
In this days, I have patients since 1 to 5 work years,; and is easy to myself and they see how their life are different, and they are really different people! For me is easy see how I have grown with them and on my heart I say thank them every day for ever.
I love my career, and is not easy say good bye to my patients, but now, I’m sure we have did good work and I have helped them as was possible as myself. While, they have receive my effort and work in their life.
I have taken the best decision with my career, my work and my way of do it. Now, I have taken another big decision as difficult as the past, but with this experience I feel support on my decision power and is easy predict very good future.
Thank God by give me strength.
Thank myself by use it.
Thank life by give me opportunities.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thank God for the IELTS

The IELTS have been the experience in my life that has awaked more anxiety on me! Sometimes I think I’ll never have enough score in it, others moments, I feel I could have 7.5 on May, other, I feel I only will have 7.5 living in NZ. Frequently I’m studying for the IELTS and feel like the most stupid people around the world, another I feel very smart and able to learn very quick.

When the people are teenager, is really common feel this mix emotions and change on them, but now I’m 28, professional person and frequently, I’m a very stable….

Never and ever I was felt so many emotions toward a test, when I wanted start the university I was very nervous too, but I was sure, if I studied enough, I succeeded to enter. In that time, I studied a lot and I was in the university! I was the number 18 of 7000. Great achievement! 

But the IELTS is very difficult test, and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare for it. For this reason, I have felt bad about it.

Nevertheless, I have improving a lot; now I can write it, read a lot of things and understand them, I can understand the people on TV more than in the past, and sometimes I can speak good (not perfect, but good).
But I cannot forget, I’m psychologist, and is natural for my do some questions, and now I should questions to myself: why am I so many worry about this test? Why? If I know in sometime I can have enough score?????
Very important question! The simple answer: well, is too difficult, if I don’t have enough score I never will start my register in the Board of Psychologist on NZ, and can never go to life to NZ for better lifestyle… 

Well, all answers are good, and very difficult to refute! Is easy to think that is all!

Nevertheless, I’m psychologist still…. Now I need be sincere with myself and have better answers!

Have enough score in the IELTS is  the way to achieve my goal and dream, and live relax, quite, and go to walk at night for the beach, and work for have good lifestyle, and feel better! But still, is too the way to say good bye to the only life I’ve met and knew; is the way to say good bye to my patients, they are the reason of my professional election, and the IELTS is the way to say good bye them; is the way to say good bye for this crazy life when I can do that I want, but I know all of things. Is the way not see anymore some special people on my life,  or have a lot of time before can see some of them. Is the way, to change my life how I want and say good bye that I have!

For this reason, is great have the IELTS! Now I can feel worry only about the IELTS and not about anything!
Thank God for the IELTS on my life!

280 words in only 25 minutes!!!!!

 Even Though globalization affects the world's economics in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss

There has a long been debate over the effects of economic globalization on the world, and how it have changed the way of the society.

This important process called globalization have had a lot of negative arguments but long group of persons; they talk about this process is destroying the small cultures and ethnic groups, and biggest countries can control small countries, and a lot of opinions like this.

However, in my opinion the global economic is a natural process and its behavior has a completely natural way; to be more precise, the natural way of life in our planet is frequently development and who is not able to adapt to will be disappear. This could sound terrible, but is real, during years the people have though they are responsible of animals or trees extinction, but still, I think, the human are not so powerful and during the planet life is normal that some kind of animals and trees disappear. I think, the global economic is like this, some culture could disappear but this is the natural process.

Furthermore, is normal that some countries are more powerful than other, but each country should decide whether they want development more or accept the control of other.

In the final analysis, in my opinion, the global economic development is not good or bad, is only a natural process with natural consequences, and the more stats possible prediction is that some countries shall be more strong and others more weak and with less opportunities, while the people will have the same way, strong people will have a better lifestyle and the weak people will have a poor lifestyle, same during the humanity history.

Taks 1 in only 17 minuts.

The graph bellow could know the way of rainfall variations during the year 2004 for Somecountry.

This measurement started on January and finalized on December on 2004 with same level of rainfall in m.m. (was like 50 in both).

On the other hand, I possible to see, on February was the lowest level with less to 40m.m and during 3 months (February, March and April) was low, around 40m.m. this time.

Then, on May the level of rainfall started to grow with 45m.m. this month, and had continues increases during 3 months (May, June and July) and had a top on July with 60m.m.

A month later, on August was registered a little decrease and was less to 60m.m, but during September decreased to 50m.m. again.

However, on October was the biggest increase with like 65m.m, in contract with November and December when was possible to see a new decrease to 50m.m.

In conclusion, is possible understand how since July to October was the biggest level of rainfall with some exceptions, and since February to April the lowest level.

Monday, 21 February 2011

This morning,I didn't go to work

Well, I’m better, but I can’t stand Caracas, I don’t want go for anyplace here, is too difficult go out to work or anything, well, if the activity is not good do it is most difficult. For example, I love my patients, and go to see them is ok, I can do it, but my others job are so bored, and go out for this is so hard, sometime I can’t do it.
Really, today I feel very tired and a little sick, and I know me, if I was to work early, tomorrow I could be sick, but anyway, is very difficult to face the wild streets on Caracas for do unhappiness things… really difficult in fact!
This morning I woke up in my bed on 13 floor, but here I can hear a lot of noise, the cars, the building, the people breaking the street etc. I only want to be quiet, relax, and go out and can walk for the street without chaos and fear!
This morning I’m not working, but really I want work, but I can’t do it and stand this wild city and country.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Thank my destroyer god!

Is so difficult think right when I am not good mental and emotionally! Some days ago I was very bad, upset, sad, disappointed, worried, and confused = mixed feels…
In this time, the crazy's feelings could have the control of my life, and I could not be sure about my own feelings, thoughts or anything… This was terrible time, time of destruction for reconstruction, like the “Mantra”: Oh na ma chiva yaava, chiva oh na ma…. I think this is like: Oh the destruction God, Destruction God I want to receive you…
The destruction God in my internal and private life arrived and finished with everything here! I felt a terrible pain and this sensation that the life is having a painful end…
Today, I am better; I can remember the Chaos Theory: the perfect balance is losing step by step and frequently we don’t note the little changers, and suddenly a day wake up and the balance is not more than a distant memory and we cannot come back to this. Then, the natural sensation is: all is bad, anything is in their right place, and the world is confused and without logical. It forces a big changer! And step by step is possible find a new perfect balance…
Some days ago, I was in terrible personal chaos, and all was bad! I destroyed everything: the bad and good things, the love and hate, the smile and cry, the pain and health, the sadness and happiness… for example…
Now, I feel is possible find a perfect balance in my life!
I have a new possible plan for my life! The particular plan is simple, go to NZ to study in the beginning and after that request my registration and work visa. But still, it is really more complex that is! With this plan, I could feel relaxed, loved and protected again, I could sleep comfortable in my husband arms and love him everything, while we could repair the hurt of this chaos and together still building ours new life!
Today is the first time I understand these Mantra, now I understand the reason because I have remembered it during a lot years!
Thank my destroyer god! Thank you help me finished the bad balance and start a new perfect balance! I know in the future it could be destroyed again, and I´ll be bad again, but in this moment, I´ll say thank you again.
PD I love you my husband, my real love, my life´s partner.
See you soon…