Monday, 31 October 2011

Learning some words for the IELTS. Bored but important post.

Today I will write about new words found studying for the IELTS. I hope it will be a creative and funny experience while I try to learn the new vocabulary. I will show you some words and try to write something interesting about it.
1)   Flint: this word talks about a strong stone or maybe something very hard. I am not sure what is the difference between a strong stone and stone, because majority stones are strong; anyway for the IELTS maker is very important the different. On the other hand, could you say: “I need a flint to break my nut”. I am not sure, but if the dictionary explanation is ok, you could. Why? I don’t know, maybe to remember the word and achieve good score for the IELTS.
2)  Leap: it is exactly like jump, don’t exist difference between the meanings of both words. In his case is same to say: I want to jump or I want to leap. Anyway, I think that leap is better word if you want to talk about things changed their normal ways; for example: IPAD will be part of an important leap in the technology development.
3)  Enhance: my favorite way to understand this word is like “make greater” or maybe emboss. For example: Your blue t-shirt enhances your eyes. On the other hand, emboss is better word if you want to talk about a thing with difference in its surface. You are enhancing someone when you are talking about her/his good things, like skills, beauty and abilities.
4)  Lightning: It is a word that talks about moment with good light, but not specific light as sunlight or bulb light; talk about mental or artist moment of light too. For example: “during the Renaissance the world had an artistic lightning and it carries the humanity to an important leap in our art history”.
5)  Brisk: it is exactly like energy, and you can use it in the same way; for example: “to do that you need to move the spoon briskly”.  If you speak Spanish as mother tongue (I think) is better to say brisk than energetic in the IELTS, because the translation to energetic is very same in Spanish, you have the chance to look striking (I will explain this word too) with your examiner.
6)  Wrapping: it is a word very similar than cover, but cover is just over the thing, while wrapping is around. For example: “remember wrapping the packet before send it”
7) Vears: it is another weird word for the IELTS and is impossible to me understand its importance; it meaning is: YEARS of. For example, is exactly same to say:  “5 vears love or 5 love’s year”. I don’t understand, but when I remember the IELTS importance on my life, I want to use vears frequently.
8)   Striking: it is like awesome, maybe to make that someone pay special attention to you. It is the situation when something is so awesome than you cannot avoid to see it. For example: yellow is a striking color; or She is striking smart.
9)   Lit: it is when someone r something have been lightning. For example: “the bed was lit when she opened the window” Dictionary says that lit is the past preterit of the light when this word is talking about lightning. LOL it is a good word and most important: have a meaning!
10)                     Remainder: it is like residue. When something is over but still has something parts; for example: when you sell part of the computer but some cables are still with you and you know that you will not be able to sell it, it is the remainder.
11)                     Hazardous: very complicate word to spell and remember. What could be its meaning? It should be a very important word, with special meaning…. But I don’t think so… Hazardous is Dangerous… Hazardous is Dangerous…. Well, now learn this difficult word and remember: exist another word with same meaning, but I need to know it to have good score for the IELTS. Example: Don’t learn that stupid word could be hazardous/ dangerous to me!
12)                    Resembling: another difficult word with simple meaning: LIKE. Example: “she is like her dad” or “She is resembling her dad”. I hope her dad was like a woman. LOL. Well thank IELTS to force me to learn another stupid word that maybe few Anglophone people know.
13)                    Fumes: it is smoke. I cannot to say nothing new or good about it.
14)                    Lagged: it is when someone cannot do something in the good time and is slow. For example: if you cannot register yourself in the University in good time, you could say: “I am lagged in this process”.
15)                    Brewery: it is a place where beers are made. For example: In Venezuela, Polar is the biggest brewery.
16)                    Afterglow: it is like radiance in evening, to be more specific to the twilight. For example: “ I love the afterglow in the beach”
17)                   Smoldering: it is when something is burning slow. I have no idea of an example.
18)                     Widespread: it is when something is very wide or extended. For example: “this activity has been widespread more t5han I thought in the beginning”.
19)                     Airtight: it is when something is so close and nothing could penetrate inside it. For example: she has a airtight mind.
20)                    Lacking: when you don’t have enough of something you are lacking of it. For example: “he is bad kid because he is lacking of love” Sad word but very important one.
21)                    Breeding: it is hard to explain, let me see…. It could be when you are helping to someone to grow up and to be a good person; but it is (too) the name for the children of people or animal. For example: “this baby lion is the breeding of that bigger lion.
22)                   Onwards: it is like forward. For example: “try to go onwards.
23)                   Buzzword: it is a word that now all people want to use, is like a fashion word. For example: in the technology vocabulary, now buzzword is friendly.
Well, I am so tired; it is the better job I can do today. But if you have better meanings for me I will be happy to receive it.
Good night.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

I want to answer (right brown Converse)

Hello, I am part of a pair of Brown Converse, I am the right one.  Someone told me that my partner was writing here, and I have taken a time to read it. I was thinking about it all night, because I have a different way to see the situation.

First I want to say some things to my partner: each day when she wears us, I am the first shoe she takes, it is with me who she starts the way, and when her left leg fail and she trips over, then is me who need to receive the impact to try she don’t fall out. I walk and walk with her too, day after day, and I am sure it is a work for us both. I have some responsibilities and you have another. It is impossible to me understand what do you want to say when you say I think I am the king… because I am a shoe exactly like you… not, I am a shoe part of the pair we are.

I don´t care where she wants to go, but my job is carrying her to the way she wants. We speak English because is the language she needs to speak, is not our decision. We cannot take any decision; we just can carry her for the way she wants to go.

I know she is not so happy we us, because we are not really comfortable, but forget it, you just need to understand she uses us day after day, and she wants to go with us… not with me or with you, with us both like a team.

If she loves us more than any others shoes in her life, it is not our problem, it is not our business, and our just business is carrying her.

If she arrives the place she wants, then we have done good job, but if she loves or not us, is not our business.

You are not a young shoe, we have short time out our box, but we have walked more than 100 K, we are not young yet. You need grow up, and understand that it is not time of not know. It is time to do the important things we should do. It is not time to feel fear or shame, it is time to walk and walk.

It is not our job to know the place she should be; but yes, it is important that she find the way for her heart; anyway, nothing in the world should be most important for us that to be ready when she wants to use us, and carry her when she wants…

I hope she knows the place she wants to go; anyway, my job is to be ready to walk, it is to be strong, it is not be crying and to feel fear, it is wear her socks and to go anyplace together.

If in the future she throws aside us, or always sighs thinking about us, it is not my business. My job is walk with you like a team.

Please, grow up and understand you are not a baby shoe and you are not a brown shoe, you are part of the pair we are.

On the other hand, I want to say thank you to give me the opportunity to write here.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Brown Converse monologue

Hello, I am a brown Converse, not right, just left brown Converse. I support a woman day after day, and I know she wanted me before we met, but she has been disappointed since our life joined.  I guess something is wrong with her knee or ankle because she have some cares with me that with right brown Converse I cannot see.

I am trying to win her love again, and now I am more sweet and comfortable. Sometimes I feel she does not hate me any more… but I am not sure.

Anyway, it is impossible for her to hide me some truth; for example, frequently we walk and walk without specific objet, she is not in a good place to her heart because she is walking looking for something she have not found…

On the other hand, moments when she is happier are talking this language in a specific place… maybe this language is the way to find the good place to her. For this reason I just speak English because I hope someday she love me again.

But I am a young shoe, and I have not learned to do good my job yet, and frequently she trip over, not necessary fall out, but whatever each time this happen I just feel: I am not doing good job, she hate me again…. I need to improve quickly.

My partner is not a great help, because my woman is right hand and for this reason the right brown Converse feel he is the king, and it is impossible to work good with him, for this reason my job is so hard.

I want to be an important shoe in her life, not just the stupid left brown Converse she had long ago and was a bad experience. I want to be the shoe who accompanied her during an important moment of her life; and someday in the future when I won’t exist, I hope she will see another brown Converse then remember me and she singed and think: my wonderful brown Converse, I would like to have a new of them, but they are impossible to supplant… well better give me green Converse.

 I know, I am faraway of this, but it is my goal… I hope that during this time she finds her real way and she feels very happy because in this case she won’t never and ever forget me. It is not important for me the way of her heart, but nothing else it is most important to me that she finds her way, in this case I’ll have done my job carrying her exactly the place she should be.

In the life of a shoe nothing in the world is most important that carry him owner to their real way… I am trying to do it with patient, love and pleasure.

Could you wish me success? Could you give me some tips? Remember I am a young shoe.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

My wish to be a kiwi gave me a new love and new sport passion

Today I want to talk about Rugby; my favorite sports are tennis and football soccer, and never and ever in the past I thought to love a violent sport, because I think sports are the road to find a new way for transform the violence in something acceptable and funny; and I think violent sports are so primitive; in the other hand, I am very worry about the physical injures in all sport but more with violence sports.

Anyway, now I want to be a kiwi, and kiwis love the Rugby…

In my heart the biggest problems in some part of the society is the self-discrimination; for example, if you like people with your our gender, you are in a minority, and some people don’t like it, however you are part of the society, and if you go only  to ambient place, and some heterosexual people arrive there, then you feel upset, so they are not discriminating you, you are discriminating yourself; it is easy to say they don’t accept you, but for me you don’t accept yourself and you prefer to blame other, and continue your self-discrimination. Another good example of it is the immigrants with serious difficulties to be part of the new country and they want to talk their our lenguage in the new country, play famous sports of their country, keep their religion cultur (way to wear, life, etc), have only immigrants friends; and to say day after day their country is the better place in the world also they will never come back. Is in those cases possible to say society is discriminating you?

I tend to think that each new experience in the life offer you a lot of things and if you are receptive you will enjoy it more and it is possible you will be more satisfying and rewarding. In this case, I am talking about migration process, and not about legal process, I am talking about internal migration process. I would like to add that I think the migration is one of most difficult experiences in the life, because all your life change when you arrive to the new country and someone seals your passport. But the better way to faced it is trying to be part of the new place, and remember your old country (and love it) but never forget you are now here and the new place is your present life; the majority don’t need to adapt you, always you need to adapt to the majority and looking for your space there.

In this line of ideas, I back over the first topic in this essay, I want to tell you, this morning I woke up to 3am to watch the final game to RWC, and I enjoyed it; anyway, my favorite sports are tennis and football soccer, but I want to be a kiwi, and part of this is to learn to love the Rugby.

Sometimes people go to live to another country by job or any specific situation and after a time they back to their countries; but in my case I want to live in NZ the rest of my life because I think is a great place to development myself and my life; in my mind in this case the better way is to try to adapt yourself to the new place and to use all skills your old country come into your heart and mind to adapt in this new experience and enjoy your life.

Here I am referring the rugby´s love is not a specific sport love, it is a way to preparing myself to be part of a new society (a specific society I selected to my life), and I am not forgetting my another loved sport, but my life is changing and with it the world I have known and I will know.

For this reason, now my actual favorite sport players are Novak Djokovic, Diego Forlan, Israel Dagg and Piri Weepu. Today, I am a still a lover of my old sports but my wish to be a kiwi gave me a new love and new sport passion.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Academic achievement at school or university is the only true measure of a person's intelligence. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

There has a long been debate about whether academic achievement at school or university is the only way to know the intelligence level in people or exist another indicator of this.

         In general, is easy to say that intelligent people have very good academic scores, and silly people have bad academic scores. In the same way, all academic experience need to use your intelligence, and is possible if you have a disability in your intelligence skill, you could fail in academics experience.

         However, is possible to know in the humanity history a lot of case of smart people who has been changed the way of humanity life and they don’t have good academic score, or they cannot finish the school or university. For example, in our days a good example of this is Bill Gate, he left the university to work in computer development, and nobody could say he have not changed our life.

         In the same way, is possible to now a lot of stories about people to with high score in the academic life, but with biggest problems to think by themselves. There is little evidence to support that be good or bad student or also left the academic formation is not necessarily the only way to know whether people are intelligence or not. Is important to know their skills and interest to development their life.  

         In the final analysis, I would like to say, the intelligence is a general concept and is impossible to measure it with only academics score or special skills, is necessary to know the general way to be the person to have a conclution.

task 1

         The table bellow is the opportunity to know how many tourist form United State, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and other countries of Europe visited Australia during 8 years, since 1991 to 1999.

         During this time in almost all this countries is possible to see a rise year after year in their amount of people visiting to Australia, less to Canada where in 1991, 51000 citizens went to Australia and only 48000 visited that place in 1993; nevertheless, after this event year after year more people of Canada went to visit to Australia, and in 1999 went there 75000 Canadians. Is important to explain in these five places, Canada’s people are the smallest group of tourist there.

         In the other hand, is possible to see that in 1999 the biggest group of tourist in Australia was United States people with 259000; but still, since 1993 and until 1999 the biggest group of people was from United Kingdom; and in specific during 1999 all this countries had an increase in number of people to visited Australia. In the specific case to UK 509000 people went to visited Australia.

         During those 8 years is possible to see as majority rise the tourist in Australia year after year.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

There is an excessive number of cars on our roads today and this leads to many problems. Individual and government should ensure that public transportation plays a more important role in modern life in order to tackle this problem.

There has a long been debate abut traffic problem in our days, and the rising amount of cars in the roads. In this ways have been said the use of public transport should be part of the solution.

During last decades, day after day people prefer have their our cars for some reason; for example: the comfortable situation to can use your vehicle when you want;  the possibility to go wherever you want without need to depend of schedule; in some place is more sure; is an status symbol, etc.

However, around the world the excessive use of cars is bigger problem year after year, because is the origin of a lot environmental problems, cities are more and more congestion and the life of persons are more alone. Nevertheless, in big number of cities the public transportation is collapsed too, for this reason, is possible to think the problem is not only the number of cars.

To be more precise, in my opinion, the problem is that population is rising more quick than government solutions of this, and people are trying to feel good with their necessities, meanwhile government is trying to return to the pass (with less cars and people). In same way, I think government need to be worried about to do more and more roads and safer cars.

In the final analysis, my opinion is that government should works to offer solution to people´s necessities and not blamed them for theirs. A good example of this is work together with cars companies looking for safer cars and to do good pacification to cities development about more and better roads and public transportation.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sunday morning.

Yesterday at the morning, I needed to take a bus to transport me; was around 11, and in the distance was around 5 kilometer, when I had been around 15 minutes in the bus, unexpectedly a friend of the driver started to fight with an indigent in the bus stop.  They were fighting with words and hits some minutes. Meanwhile, some people continuing up to the bus, and another were inside waiting to continue our ways.

Some minutes late, the driver asked to his friend up to the bus again, and continued the way. In this moment, the driver’s friend was upset, and he was saying none could say nothing to him, and the solution to his mind was shoot  the indigent, and during the bus trip he was explaining his friend the better way to do it is to take a motorbike and shoot that man and continue quickly his way. Then, he called some friend to ask if they could give him a motorbike for this situation, and another friend say yes to him, and in this moment he left the bus the bus and said the driver: well, I’ll go to solvent this problem, I’ll shoot him and see you in two hours.

Then, we simply continue our way.

Welcome to Venezuela and a simple Sunday morning.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

task 1

The graph show how many graduates have  full time works four months after they graduated, is a comparison during 6 years since 1995 to 2001 in Australia.

Is possible to see the red column talk about females graduated, and the purple column about males graduated. The biggest peak for both was in 2000 when more than 84% of male had work, and around 83% of females.  In contrast, the deep drop was in 1995 and 1997 when males had just over 80% and females 78% in both years.

The only case when males and females had the same number of percentage of Australian graduates with full-time jobs four months after graduating was in 2001, with more than 82% for both.  In the other hand, in years 1996, 1998 and 1999 males had work in 81%, just over 80% and 82% (in the same order to each year), while females had work in 80%, just over 78% and 80% respectively.

This graph is the opportunity to know and compare the working life in Australian graduates and between women and men. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Practicing for the IELTS. Task 1

The chart bellow tries to show how many students registered themselves in universities in different career around 6 years (since 1996 to 2001). In the vertical axis you can see amount students registered; in the horizontal axis talk about years to register and in the glossary show the color of each career.

You can see that during these years, is possible to see the mayor number of students were in Engineering and Technology; anyway, year after year this mount decreased,  started in almost 140000 students and finished in few more than 120000.

In contrast, Computer Science had an important rise, started less to 80000 and finished almost same to Engineering and Technology with just 120000. In the same way, is possible to see that the number of student registered in Biological Sciences was increasing slowly but year after year, since 80000 to around 950000.

On the other hand, Physical Sciences had little increase in students registered during this time, and is difficult to note the difference; similar that Medicine and Dentist where is possible to see a little rise, but not a dramatically one.

This table is an opportunity to know the change on number of students interested and registered  in different career at universities during this time.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Security sensation

In my life, the security sensation is almost an utopia, and not only about be criminality victim. I am talking about general things; for example: 10 months ago died an ex-president (he was a terrible and corrupt man, but now is almost the better person have ever existed, because is dead) then, today a group of people was walking with the corpse to the city; for this reason, streets was more collapsed than usual, and I didn’t know if I could back home, and decided don’t go to study the library and come back early; but in the same moment, people in this activity didn’t know if they could arrive where they wanted or cop could attack them, or maybe is a group of another kind of mad people could attack them, or if the government people could deny the activity or whatever…
Anyway,  when I arrived to my house, I was heated, and need to take a shower, but here didn’t have water; 6 hours latter water come back, and we are not sure how long will be it here.
In any part of this real story I told you about the fear I felt when I saw a lot of cop in the streets (before understand they was “protecting” mad people and their corpse) or about the terrible fear I felt when I was walking alone in the park and it was lonely and the possibility to be criminality’s victim increased to me; or about infinite experience like those I lived just today.

I dream with security sensation in my life; I suppose it is like feel sure about what government tell you, or your time planning; for example: today the most important news in NZ Herald talked about a terrible environmental disaster with oil spill, and is possible some sea animals will die; anyway a lot of teams are working to stop this problem; and possibly some people are worry about the disaster, but still, they are sure that government is doing the better possible work as they can to fix it.

I think the security sensation will be a discovery in my life almost so incredible as to know a bird without winds or people walking relaxed at night.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dreaming with the first day.

Every day I woke up and wish in short time to be in the first day the rest of my life. Down to airplane, discovery the city smell, looking people face, knowing the place will be my elected home.

If I concentrate enough I can feel the air in my face and almost smell the city. If I close my eyes, I can be there some seconds.

People ask me, what is the typical food there? How are the people? Is it beautiful? What about the weather? But in my heart the only question is how Auckland smells? I feel when I know the smell, the rest of my life will have begun.

I can research about whatever I want, but the smell is the only thing I cannot have idea here.

I’m sure, I’ll have a good job there, great friends, a beautiful house, quiet lifestyle and happy life; but it will start only after know the specific Auckland smell.

Today, I’m not sure know many days are between my new home and me, but I know that smell is nearer day after day, and an special morning, sooner or latter, I’ll wake up and that smell will arrive to myself, my body will e fuel that specific air, and my new life will have begun.