Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just sharing a relax moment

It is very difficult to be creative when you are focus on to learn a specific structure. That is my situation now, I was very happy writing some stories, but vacations are finished and it is time to study day after day to have success in the IELTS.

Today, I can hardly think because I have been studying as much as is possible and my mind is very tired. But I want to share my actual reflections about this year trying to learn English.

In the beginning I thought that the IELTS was just a test and I have been student all my life, I have a lot of experience in the way to pass test. So my intention was to learn a basic English and focus on specific requirement of the IELTS. A lot of people say that to pass the IELTS you don't really need to know English very well; you just need to learn the specific clues. But it is absolutely false! It is possible that you know English very well and not pass the IELTS, but I think that it is impossible to pass the IELTS without to have a good English level.

Then, in the beginning I was focus on that. But short time later I felt sick during long time in the past year. It was impossible to study feeling so bad. Whereas, my husband and I started a project to go to NZ first to study English; at that moment we had a plan to find enough money. But it plan failed for different reason, and some month ago we returned the plan to have success in the IELTS as the most important requirement to go there, because I need to do that for my register in the board of psychologist and my work visa. Anyway, if in this time, we have enough money, we could go as student, but now it is not the first challenge.

Well, in nowadays, I am studying English very hard, and it is frequently very satisfactory, because I can see my progress. For example, today I took the level test in the British Council, and I leap two levels since the past time when I took it (two month ago). During this time, I was study in that place, and I almost finish a level, but I improved two levels. In the same way, the past time when I took that test, the teacher told me that I had very good fluency, but terrible grammar and pronunciation. Today, the teacher told me that I have very good fluency and grammar, but just good pronunciation and I need to focus in this specific point to be in advance level soon.

Then, those things are very good news. My biggest learning has been that to learn a language is very difficult, but step by step it is absolutely possible.

Well, thanks to accompany me in this moment to relax. I am going to continue studying.

Task 2. January 26, 2012

Giving aid to poorer countries does not work. The richest nations have given billions of dollars to poorer nations, but while some nations have benefited, many more are still poor. What are the causes of the problem and what measure can be taken to reduce it?

Around the world a lot of time richest countries have gave economic help to poorer and majority times, poorer nations usual to keep in their poverty and only few of them have success in the develop process with that help. It is a very big problem and it is necessary to look for solution about it.

In general, the problem in the poverty is not the lack of money or resource, because majority poorer nations have a lot of valuable resources as oil, gold, etc. meanwhile, almost any rich country has valuable resources, it is possible to say that the only rich country which has oil (for example) in its land is Norway, and other countries with this valuable resource are poorer day after day.

In the same way, it is easy to understand that richest nations just are focus on do a quality work in each area that they are developing, trying to rise the education level in their citizen and with this looking for valuable people who can to compete with the best around the world, and in the process to look for their quality, they help the country to improve its opportunities and success.

On the other hand, majority poorer countries are looking for the money to solvent actual problems and they are not thinking in the future. Then in my opinion, the best help that richest nations could offer to poorer is to encourage the education and in this way, people could to open their mind and start to find the quality for their our life and if majority is looking for the best things, so in short time all will be better.

In the final analysis, it is possible to think that giving aid you could help poorer, but it is a trick; giving money you just help to solvent a specific problem in a moment. But if you want to have an important change and to improve the quality of life (in a country or a single person, it is the same) the only sure way is focus on encourage the people to study and find a quality education.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Task 2. January 25, 2012

It is often that crime is one of the main things that make their quality of life poorer. What are the causes of the problem and what measure can be taken to reduce it?

The crime is a very big problem which affects the lifestyle of majority people who are living it. It is easy to know about high crime level in South America and Africa; but still some developed countries suffer it and heir citizens feel worried about it sometimes.

Some government have the idea of the freedom is relationship with weak laws, and if they forget some little crime to people, they will vote for the government again. In the same way, sometimes government very worried about to keep the power decided does not stop the crime because if common people are nervous about the insecurity, then they could not think very much, so they will not start a project to avoid the government.

On the other hand, exist societies very very developed when people have very good behavior without strong laws because they have learned that their society depend of it as well their life quality. To have success in this idea and kind of way in the society, it is very important that the process be step by step, starting with policies as zero tolerance looking for basic neat and as soon as level of crime drop, government could to be more flexible, because people know that it is necessary to keep good action if you want to keep a good lifestyle. Frequently, when people live in very high crime level, their lifestyle is poor and as soon as it is different, government could avoid some laws and anyway people will continue acting as it still exist. However, it is a very long process and often the majority of societies are between zero tolerance and starting to be flexible to find the balance to keep good lifestyle.

Furthermore, it is very important that the government try to learn day after day to people to respect the law, trying to have always better lifestyle and as it is relationship with to keep the neat all time.

In the final analysis, it is important to summarize that when a country or society has very high crime, it affect all people and in my opinion, it is necessary to begin with zero tolerance policies and bit to bit to change it looking for better life quality depending the specific needs of that society.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Task 2. VERY long

Modern technology is changing our world. This has advantages such as bringing people closer together through communication. It also has disadvantages such as destroying the difference between cultures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

In recent years, technology has had an important developed, in this way it has changed the human life and ways to think and to keep in touch with family, friends and co-workers. On the other hand, it has driven the globalisation decreasing the differences between cultures. In this essay will be possible to read about some advantages and disadvantages of those subjects.

Long years ago the communication between cultures and countries were very complicate and slow, for this reason each culture easier kept their specific way to live without to be much affected by others. It is the root of different languages, philosophies, religions and ways to see and live the life in general. That reality has brought us art, science and diversity. It is possible that without it, we would be very different today.

In contrast, nowadays the life is different and then the lifestyle too. Since the human exist has tried to improve his life, and technology is a consequence of this (as globalisation is). Then, it is the way that humanity has elected for its life. It is hardly possible to keep a language or culture with few people, because they need to live in society and have the opportunity to receive good health program, education and quality of life; for this reason, in general people could be step by step nearer to dominant culture, still when a dominant culture want to keep alive this small group; for example, in New Zealand, people and government want to keep alive the Maori culture; then there exist two official tongues: English and Maori; in the same way, they try to learn the traditional dances or parties. Anyway, almost all Maories people speak English because they need to work, study, etc. Meanwhile just few Kiwis speak Maori, because they don't need it. It would be sad that Maori culture someday die; anyway it is very possible, because people want to live better and they need to learn some things for this, such language, to use technological stuffs, etc.

Furthermore, in general around the world the biggest keep alive and others die when they cannot compete anymore. It is very sad, but it is our reality day after day. Now technology is carrying us to the globalisation and sooner or later smallest cultures will disappear. The good news is that we can conserve it in our books and history, and to remember that they are our root and the reason because we are as we are.

In the final analysis, I disagree with they are disadvantage that technology or globalisation is making more similarities day after day, because in my opinion, it is the natural way of the life as we have known, the biggest can keep alive and the smallest not. It is just part of the natural developed in our world.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Practicing for the IELTS. Task 1. January 20, 2012. second

The tables compare the result of survey which asked why students decide to staying at home in their country or traveling overseas. The First table shows why some chose to stay at home country. In the contrast to this, the second shows why others decided to travel for overseas.

The majority of students who chose to stay at home said that it is easier to find a work, 26% of them stayed this reason. By contrast, the main reason given to travel for overseas is learning about a new culture, 25%, said this. A nearly percentage of those who travel for overseas, said that they wanted adventure and excitement. Conversely, 25% of stay at home students felt that they already speak the language.

The third most popular reason for stay at home is that students think it is cheaper to stay with their families. In comparison with third most popular reason among to travel for overseas we can see that this group felt they would like to help people in poorer countries. 15% of students who prefer to travel for overseas gave this reason.

Two more reason for stay at home during high education, with an equal 12% each, were dangers of travel and lack money. 7% gave other reason. On the other hand, 14% to travel for overseas wanted to go out because they hoped to get away from parents, and 12% wanted to make new friends. 10% of these stundents gave another reason.

Practicing for the IELTS. Task 1. January 20, 2012. first

This charts shows the percentage of students living at home and in rented accommodation; students who check their bank accounts or not do that; and finally students checking credit card statements or not.

It shows that three quarters of students are living at home; meanwhile just around 25% of them are living in rented accommodation place. In the same way, the majority of students tend to check their accounts frequently and just a quarter don't check it.

Regards students who check their credit card statements, it is possible to watch that over a half of then used to check it, and only around 40% don't do that. Then majority of students check their credit card statements, also not as much as their accounts.

In the final analysis, the chart shows how most of students are living at home and keep the interest in check their bank accounts and credit cards statements; however, they are more worried about bank accounts than credit card statements.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Practicing for the IELTS. Task 1. January 19, 2012

Chart A shows the number of international students in the USA from 10 different countries between years 2000 to 2004. Chart B shows the subject of those international students asked in the same years of Chart A.

During year 2000 in the USA were 40000 students from India and Korea, but the first group was a big shoot up of around twice of students, then in 2004 were almost 80000 students from India; meanwhile in the same time, it is possible to watch just around 50000 students from Korea.

On the other hand, number of students from China was fluctuate; from Japan and Taiwan is possible to appreciate a little drop. Regards students from others countries, it is possible to say that stayed the same.

Majority of international students in the USA were in business and management, follow by engineering: in contrast, social science and life science were the lowest asked during that time. All subject were stable with some rise and fall.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Please not ask

Maybe if I could find the words to say what I am feeling, I will feel something different.

I am facing the biggest ghost of my heart... I thought it had gone long ago, but not, it is here; I could just keep it in save place for myself, and meanwhile I had time to become myself stronger. The question is: am I stronger now?

It could be easy to say a definitely YES, I AM! But really isn't easy, at less it isn't easy to me.

Centrally I am not dying or feeling that something inside me is broken; so since that side it doesn't look so bad. In the same way, my mind and heart have a plan to continue: first day it is necessary to cry, second day to start some important things, fourth and fifth have recreation activities, on Monday visiting a friend looking for support and distraction, seventh day to continue my normal life until Thursday when will be necessary to go to walk to the park and continue. After that week it is just necessary continue studying and remembering that nothing is more important than to have enough score in the IELTS; everything else in the life will be finding their place step by step.

On the other hand (my favorite English phrase) I am absolutely terrified! I feel as my heart was brooking at infinite parts, still when it isn't happen, then I am just feeling fear of all that moments when my heart has been broken in infinite parts.... I feel as I cannot walk, bread, think, study or live. Nevertheless I know it isn't true, it is just a sensation. The ghost is trying to scared me, it has could do that a lot of time and distorted all inside me in innumerable occasions; but now writing here I am discovering that it cannot do that now.

Yeah! I am stronger, and the biggest conclusion is: it was because the ghost that I had got a lot of troubles to write, because it knew that as soon as I could write something I will feel different and it won't anymore take the control of me.

Thanks and goodbye

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lizard's story

I have heard that in this place different species can talk about their stories. So it is my time. First I want to say thank you to the woman who is allowed to use this place for us and find a moment for our needs to express our feelings.

I am a lizard (in my mother tongue I am a Iguana). I am very old, big, and I am very same as a dinosaur, that last one feature is my way to protect myself because still when I am very passive, all people feel fear of me, well not all people, almost all people.

I have had a very well education, my elected mother have been very strong and warm with me. Then I am very respectful and I hope respect of all.

I was very scared because my mother was very violent and she just gave me food but she was not loving and never was good rapport toward me. For that reason, I went to walk alone. I was a young lizard at that moment. I saw a lot of people and at that moment I was cute and they didn't feel fear of me, and a lot of them wanted to catch me. I was absolutely afraid and walking quickly.

During those moments, I thought about all of lizards around me saying that go out to looking for a better life was an absolutely madness, because we were a close specie and we needed to keep our tradition still when we were not feeling well with it, because we should be together. I remembered all of them advancing to me don't take a different way in my life because I will be dead soon. I asked them if they were happy with their live, and their answers were weird because they said yes, but they would like to have a different life; for example, I found answers like this: I love to be a lizard, and it is the best thing that someone could be in the life, but the floor is very hot and sometimes I feel pain in my tummy, or we are so ugly and for this reason anybody want to hug us as a dog; well be a lizard is wonderful, but our life is not fair, etc.

On those days I was very confuse. But still I thought: well, to be a lizard is not good, but I cannot change it, anyway I can select a new kind of life; this family is very different from me. I don't like this kind of life (it was my thought) and I need to investigate if I could find a different one.

Finally I started my new way. I was scared. The floor was very hat and my tummy was not ready for it, I was looking for a tree quickly to avoid burn my tummy, in my road I found a lot of dogs, people and a very weird kind of people whose have wheels. I tried to run quickly and not be trapped. Suddenly, a lot of people saw me. All of them were interesting about me, I was absolutely scared! I had heard that humans were the worst species of all. I thought that I will die soon.

A young woman was different, she was encouraged to take me, in the beginning I felt fear, but she was strong and warm (as usually) and took me. I thought very quickly something like that: well, if I try to go, they will try to catch me and it is possible that whoever of them had success; and if they will not catch me, I could died for the hot in my tummy; she looks good, I will stay with her. Then I was up in her hand and continued my way there.

After that, I have had a different kind of life. She is warm and strong with me, she has taught me a lot of things, and helped me to be a good lizard. She has loved me and accepted as I am. Now the floor is not too hot, anybody wants to eat me and I have a new family and friends. Any of them are lizards as me, but they are my family, and in this time, I have discovered that the real family is who love you and help you to development and looking for whatever you want to.

Now, I have a good family. During long time I felt envy of the dog (my brother) because he is very cute and all people want to hug him, I thought that his life was easier than mine; and it could be possible, but step by step I have understood that I will never be a dog, I cannot select about be or not be a dog, I just can select about if I want to spend my life dreaming with be a dog or enjoying to be a lizard.... Now being a happy lizard.

Finally, I hope that my mother will not be angry with me because I didn't ask her if I was allowed to show our pics. Sorry mommy I could not find a way to ask you, but it is just for good reasons and you know I love you.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dreaming with the freedom.

The little boy was around 8 years old; he was tall, active, playful, brown skin, smart, curious and sweet. I spent all day watching him, his eyes was beautiful and with an amazing shine, but still with a big sadness inside. Really more like disappointment or maybe resignation.

He loved read, and I could see how he was always thinking about all things he read, saw, listened and felt. That was as he was looking a sense of all this things.

The boy was in the park during the morning; there he played with his friends. It was a beautiful place, with a lot of flowers, all kind of trees and funny things to play. After two hours, arrived his mom who asked him to up in the car to go to eat. They went to a mall and ate fast food. In this way continued the day of the boy, he was as playing all day, relaxed, quiet.

At night he went to play chess with his granddaddy, suddenly, he asked to his granddaddy what seems a question always present in his mind: granddaddy, how the freedom is?

The old man was very confused with that question. Finally asked to the boy: why do you ask me that?

The boy told him: I have heard that you knew the freedom; I have heard that you lived without bars in your windows or soldier in all places. You could live out of the jails. How the freedom is?

His granddaddy almost crying said the boy: son, but it is a free country, you live in freedom. You can to go whatever you want to, here we don’t have a war or something like that.

The boy was absolutely disappointment with that sterile conversation, but he did his last try and said: I cannot go to visit to my friend Mike because it is very dangerous place, I cannot go out with mom at night because someone could attack us, I cannot open the windows in the car because someone could stolen us in the road, I just see soldiers in the park all time, they have long guns, it is the country where more people is murdered in violent ways in the world. It is a war and all of us are living in a jail, some jails are bigger than others. But anyway granddaddy, how the freedom is? I just want to know how it is.

In that moment the old man understood the importance of that question, he started to think what could be the better answer. He stood up and looked for his pipe, took it careful and parsimoniously, put one hand over the boy's head meanwhile support the pipe with the other. He returned to the chair and started to smoke... After some minutes he said: well my son, the life is not necessary as you have known, as you know the freedom is not the chance to go to the park or to eat in a mall. The freedom is much bigger and powerful that it, but you just can find it in the small things, it is very subtle. Freedom is the chance to can do whatever you want to do; it is the possible to feel sure, but I am not talking about not feel fear to be stolen, I am trying to explain that it is the chance to feel that you could to go in the life as far as you want and the only limit is inside yourself. It is like to feel the wind in your face but inside you, as you could close your eyes and go as far as you want. My son freedom is something that someone could try to stolen to us, and they could do more difficult to enjoy it for us, but only you can to lose it, the freedom is a decision; it is a way to life. Maybe you cannot do a lot of things now here, but in the future, you could decide to live in the different way. The freedom is the most difficult thing to keep, because it is always easier to accept that other take decision for you or maybe to feel that other is stealing your chance to do something, but the real freedom is inside you and if you can to keep it, you will do whatever you want, but listened me, freedom is very expensive thing, if you want to be free you should be ready to do a lot of effort to find it and when you are fine and quiet, then you will need to find strength inside you to keep your freedom and ask to yourself whether you are in the way that you want to be.

Boy: then, are we living in this way because people think that it is easier to be free?

Granddaddy: yes my son, I afraid that you are right.

Boy: thanks granddaddy, I knew that you could help me with this.

Granddaddy: I really hope to have helped you.

Then, the boy moved the horse and the game continued.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Relaxing my mind

I want to write whatever I can find in my mind, it is just a practice. I am not dreaming to win the novel of literature with my blog; I am just dreaming to have a better lifestyle, then I need to practice and practice and practice to have enough score in the IELTS as soon as it will be possible. Maybe as soon as I will be able to make it possible.

Anyway, I love to write, and I would like to development the ability to write funny children stories, then it could be a good beginning. Here I have the chance to practice English and the skill to write... I hope development both; but I will happy if I just find enough score in my test!

I will try to write stories about whatever I can, or at less write about whatever I can... So, as it is evident I am talking incoherencies now, I need to sleep, but I cannot because I want to continue practicing... Then sometimes people should accept the moment to retire as well for the moment or just because they are so old to do something. I am so old to be a famous tennis player, but I am in good ages to learn a new language and to development skill as a writer.... Well, but I am not a in good moment to continue writing... Ummm it is my blog and I can write here when I want, then it is ok to write here still if I am writing just incoherencies...

I want to say that I am not drunk neither drugged, I think it is not necessary to go out the logical ideas and relax your mind with the freedom that only offer thinking in stupid ways. To be a little silly sometimes is a good way to recover and recognize the important things. I think it is very important to be able to lose the coherence without drugs and just looking inside you this funny part of all of us.

I find it sometimes. It is easier when it is late and I need to sleep, it is almost as I was drunk, because the mind is not very strong, anyway I can find it in other moment, and I often try to find the moment to lose my coherence and relax my mind!

All important thing in the life are possible to find inside you, I am sure that it is easy to fiend outside, and the majority of us spent the life looking outside; sometimes it is possible to believe that we found it, and maybe it is possible to someone find it. But the real way is inside, and outside you just can find the support of this way. But remember, I am just talking incoherence things.

Love you.

A mosquito's life.

I woke up, I could fly, I was not sure what I was, but I didn’t care about it; at that moment was more important to eat and fly. I was hungry and thirsty; I could smell in that big animal the most wonderful fragrance and I was sure it could help me to feel better.

I started my flight, but it was moving and was hard to arrive. The way was very very long; during it, I found my biggest love, she was beautiful, thin, and black, with long legs and arms. She loves me immediately, but she was a little shy, it took long time to me to be close up with her. Finally she accepted, we knew each other very well, we spent the majority of our life together, and we were together for ages. We had a lot of children, all kind of them.

I was very happy, but absolutely hungry. I continue to flying looking for food, the animal was very near to me, and I was absolutely encouraged to eat now. I was very weak and hungry. I can hardly fly, but I was trying and trying. I thought it was my end....

So, the animal came near to me, that was my chance! I ate, ate and ate. I was satisfied, happy and relaxed. Whatever I was, I was the most happy in the world. I had a wife, children, food and peace; now it was time to rest some minutes before go to gather with my love again. My life had been absolutely satisfactory! Nothing could be wrong.

I feel asleep, when suddenly happened the two last things I can describe: I listened to strong sound and saw a red spot in the wall where I was sleeping.

I guess it is the complete life of a mosquito.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Book's story

Hi, I am a book, my owner says that I am her favorites book; she read me the first time long ago and second time 5 years ago; three years ago another person read me. I have had good luck; I have been read three times, not all my friends have that live.

Well, my story stars very long ago! I was a tree; I lived in a place full of trees exactly like me. It was not long life for a tree. Around three years was my life as a tree, very short time, I have listened about trees that live 150 years, but I just lived three.

Then, someone cut me, and I was carried to a big place with a lot of strange tools. In that place I listened a lot of weird sound, and step by step my body was changing, I passed to be a tree to be a book. It was very painful for me, without talk you about as much as I was confuse and nervous.

In the beginning, I thought I was dead, I could not feel the wind, or listened to same sound as my past.

Bit to bit I discovered I was a book. Around me, my friends said that I was a very luck book, because over me was written a great story by a very important author. It had very hard to understand for me. When I was starting to understand, I was put in a box with a lot of others exactly like me.

I traveled long time, it was noise, heat and uncomfortable; but nobody is care about if a book is comfortable.

A woman opened the box, and put me in a table. I spent long time there, during the days a lot of people visited the place and at night that was alone and cold.

I could see a lot of my friend being sold; and in the beginning I didn't want to be sold, I thought that I was just understanding what is happening and if someone bough me, I would start a new life; I was not ready for that. Anyway, after a time, I was absolutely bored and I started to wish to be sold. I was feeling like a puppy who is trying to be cute with anybody looking a family. It was long time, when finally a young girl bough to me.

She was happy with me, and she spent long time reading me, because she read very slowly at the moment. She was on vacation and carried me with her. I knew wonderful beaches, beautiful landscapes, mountains with fog and amazing rivers.

She returned at home with me. I should say that was the better time of my life. I feel useful, loved and happy. I was feeling as a very luck book.... Well, and I have been a very luck book.

Some months later, she finally ended the book. She always said that I have been the best book she has read. I had had the best place in her library, and she always clean me. Sometimes, she just opens me and smells my fragrance. She often says that she loves to smell the books and I am her favorite.

Well, time has passed. Then years after that, she decided read me again, and just in that moment she was on vacation again. So, I knew amazing places again, another country, historical monuments, different culture, and I listening to another language. But she read quicker then. And in short time she finished me. I spent the rest of this time in the suitcase.

We returned again. I returned to the library during long time again, until a day, she took me and loaded to her friend. That woman was nice too. She was very happy with me, she read me quickly. Then I returned to home. Since that moment I am again in the library with a lot of books. I am the only one who is taken some times to be smelled.

I should admit that my life as a book has been great and better than the majority of us. I have never been lined, broke or mistreated. In opposition, I have been loved, smelled, read.

Anyway, after long time I have understood that sooner or later I will be waste, or I will damage. I am a living being, but all people think I am just a book and still when they could be ok with me, they could never treat me as a tree. I will never be a tree again. Sometimes I think that I am like a vampire, because they are not live or dead but they have a life, and still when they have a good life, they could never feel as good as the past and they are always empty. We have another common thing, we have an essential life which we lost, and we spent the majority of our time being someone that we were not in the beginning.

Nowadays, I have listening to my owner talking about read in a new technology thing. She says that she has more than 10000 books and it is easy to read. She has all this book without broke one tree, and for me, the most important thing is she has all those book and information without destroyed one living being.

I am happy with my owner, and I have been a luck book. Anyway, I would like never have been a book and just have been a tree.

The opportunity for smell a good fragrance, or feel wonderful sensation in your hand is not a reason to condemn a lot of trees to be books.

A weird time

I will start this story when I was a young puppy. That day was the weirdest day that I had had at the moment. A man took me, and putted me in a box, and rode a motorbike for long time.

We arrived to a place with a lot of people, but finally I was with the man who I thought was my daddy. He received and carried me to a place with lot of friend; all people wanted play with me, I could listen to a lot of things and smell sweet and ugly fragrances.  In that moment I was less worried, I was with my daddy, probably he was missing me and he asked that man to bring me. Nothing could be wrong, he loved me and I was absolutely encouraged to be the best puppy in the world!

Suddenly, I listened to new voices, tree new voices to be more specific: a young boy, a man and a woman. My daddy said: give me the doggy.

He delivered me to the woman, she was happy. I was asking to myself: what is happening?

She wanted to give me kisses, touch my tummy and be with me as I was her doggy. Am I her doggy? But my daddy missed me and asked to look for me....

Then the boy wanted to play with me, and the man took me as I was definitely his doggy....

Well, I was their puppy. Woman was absolutely sweet with me, the boy was a little annoyed, and man was strong and playful. Anyway I fell asleep; when I woke up, I was in a big place with a lot of dogs with their families, and with a lot of wonderful smells, like food, toys, etc. in the future I discovered that was the place when my mom and dad looked my food, medicine, toys, etc.

Finally we arrived at home, I was very scared, but I fell asleep again.

I could sleep on a comfortable little bed, I had a different food, but very tasty, and few toys to play. I was absolutely terrified to lose all of that, I was happy and sad in the same time. I was lost my old family still when I was a very good puppy, I missed my old daddy; on the other hand, I was happy, maybe these people will be my new family and if I was a better puppy they could stay with me and I could be part of their family.

So, god news, they are my family, and the annoyed boy didn't live with us, he just went to visit us sometimes. My mommy loves me as I was her life; my daddy always plays with me and frequently was loving too. All their friends and family love me. I was the happiest doggy around the world. I sleeping with mom and dad all night and I slept over mommy’s legs when she was at home.

Then I fell asleep all time, but without any worry.

That was my story for long time, my mom, dad and I went frequently to walk, I took a shower in a pet-shop (I hated it part), I had friends, I was always happy.

Sometimes my mom and dad went on vacation, and I was a little sad since I saw the suitcases; but still I knew they will come back soon. Until that terrible morning....

My mom and dad took their suitcases, and some new things, a little case with nothing inside, all my things (bed, toys, food, etc), and me. We went to a new place I never before had been there. My mommy was crying, and my daddy was very sad, but he said to my mommy: it is the only way, we will be better in short time.

I was absolutely scared, but I was with mom and dad, nothing could be wrong.

My daddy took me, putted me inside the case and delivered the case to a man I never had seen (that was the only moment I saw him). I was absolutely scared! I could listen to my mommy crying! What is happening? Who is hurting to my mommy? I will go to murder whoever is making cry to my mommy! But suddenly I fell to sleep again.

It was a weird time, I could not wake up, I listened to a lot of thing, and I felt hungry, fear, heat, anxiety, etc. but I could not wake up completely.

After ages I woke up! I was in a new place, very different, any fragrance was known to me, any voices, and any people. In that moment I was absolutely terrified and I could not fall asleep. Then someone opened the case and carried me with love. I never had seen him and his fragrance was new for me. He was talking to me very sweetly and carefully. I was sad, scared, nervous, etc.

We arrived to his home; there I knew another person, a woman, and a little baby. They were ok with me, but where was I? Where was my family? Did my family abandon me with this people? Not! That is impossible! My mommy and daddy love me! I am absolutely sure about it! I have been a good doggy, they should be taking vacation and this is my place during their vacation! In short time I will be with mom and dad again! Meanwhile, I will enjoy this people.... It is time to discover what is good with them!

Some hours later, man called me and said: come here your mommy want to talk with you. I went quickly! And in the computer was my mommy voice, saying: don't worry my baby, we will be together soon, stay quiet.

I was quiet now.

But was very long time, all days I wake up hoping that my mommy and daddy come here to looking for me. But day after day, it didn't happen. Sometimes I could to listen to my mommy in the computer saying that in short time we would be together. Anyway time was passing, and this new family was good with me, they didn't want to sleep with me, but I had good food, walk, love...

I started to accept that was my new family, maybe I was bad dog with my old family and for this reason they didn't love me anymore. I could remember, sometimes I did pee and poop in the wrong place, long ago I ate things of my mom or dad and they were angry with me. Maybe I was terrible doggy with them.

I will be the best dog in the world! I want to be worthy of love and to have a definitely family!

Then, I was always a good dog, I never ever did nothing wrong, I accepted love but never asked it, because I didn’t want to be annoyed.

I had a new family. They love me enough. I was ok. When something horrible happened!

Man took the case again, my entire things, and putted me inside the case, woman was sad but not crying, he was happy. I was confuse, but I had been good dog, nothing could be wrong. I fell asleep.

Hours later, I could not wake up again! I listened to a lot of sound; I felt hungry, heat, fear...... What is happening now??????

When I woke up, I was in an alone place. Nobody was with me. Now I was sure: I have been the worse dog around the world and nobody loves me!

I was absolutely sad, I was sure I will die soon, without love and food. Exactly as the terrible dog that I have been.

After that, arrived a woman, she speak in a language I didn't know, and that place was weird, new fragrance, etc.

She gave me food, she stroked me, she was sweet; but definitely she won’t ever be my family!

That was my live three day, when suddenly the woman brought to me something very wonderful!!!! I received a shirt to my mommy!!!! My real mommy!!!! She used it few days ago! I would never forget her fragrance! My mom is near to me!!! I knew, all this time just was my vacation time! Very weird vacations, but soon I will be with my family!!!!!!!

Anyway, my mommy neither my daddy didn’t go to looking for me, I was confused, sad, scared...

Each three or four days I received clothes to my mommy or daddy, I kept a little hopeful. But day after day, I was alone there.... The saddest place in the world! Without family or friends!

A morning I wake up, very sad, thin and resigned, when I listened to the most beautiful sound around the world: my mother and father voices!!!!! They are here! They come here to looking for me! I was absolutely happy! Exactly as I had seen them this morning! I started to jump, cry, and shake my tail.... And then my mommy entered when I was!!!!! Then entered my daddy!!! All of us were happy, all of us were crying!!! I did pip.... I was ashamed, but my mommy and daddy were not angry for that, they were happy! As happy as I was!

They took me, we were inside the car and we arrived to our new home!!!!

We were together again, exactly as my mommy said me long ago!

Anyway, I was scared during some weeks, if will they abandon me again?

But day after day I slept with mommy and daddy on their bed, we went to walk, they gave me all love they could!

So, I didn't understand that time, but they are my family, we are in a new place, people speak a new language (now I can understand it too), my mommy and daddy are happier than in the past. That was a weird and long vacations, but now we are better, and I won’t ever think that they could abandon me.

Well, nothing could be perfect, now the young boy lives with us, and he always kisses my mommy, I HATE IT!!!! Now he isn’t little and so annoyed, the only problem (in my life) is he kisses my mommy!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wise wall

Some months ago I was walking for the streets on the city and in a wall I could read something like this: people spend their live looking for the true and that does not exist.

I thought: very wise wall!

Now I have been thinking about the reason because people always want to give advice to other, still when their live are a disaster or when they don't know you very well.  Meanwhile, all time, people are asking you about your future plan, for example: what do you want to be when you grown up? When will you get married? When will you have babies?

Today, I am thinking that people are always asking this kind of things because they would like to find the true and they have the idea that if someone do something it could be the true or it couldn't be the true; so (I think) they want to think about it to have the illusion they know the true.

In this way, it is possible people always want to give advice because it is another chance to feel they know the true.

Then, why is the true too important? Why is it unbearable not know the true, or simple accept the true is not universal?

It is frequently too that people don't want to listen you and your worries, but still they want to give you advice and they talk as their opinion is the true, as god had been talking with them.

When I was 15, I understand that all of us could have a true and those could not be same and either be a suitable true!

I don't accep advice to people who don't know me or don't listen me careful and trying understanding; I always prefer to think for myself and when I want or need an advice I always prefer to looking it with people who listen and pay attention to me.

I don't buy true or thought, I rather to development my our ideas, still when it take time and sometimes be wrong, but in my opinion, it is impossible to find a personal true buying the true of other (like religion, politician, a book, etc), the true of others could be the beginning point to look the personal true, way or whatever; but definitely, I am agree with that idea that say: when more than one person are always agree, it is because someone is thinking for the others.

Well, I go out thinking. I hope nobody is thinking like me, still when someone could be having a similar idea.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year!

I am tired to myself! I have been long time whimpering for all things I don't have! Today I remembered the old proved: "if you are crying because you cannot see the sun, your tears don't allow you to see the stars".

Today I want to share with you all wonderful things I have in my life.

I have my dreams and my strength, these have been always my compass, and in their company I have achieved my goals, and I have discovered a better world than I had in the past.

I have my two biggest towers, my husband and my little brother.

My husband is the person who always stay next to me, who support me when I am not good, and who celebrate with me the best moments. He is not perfect, but he is much better than that, he is the person who loves me.
My little brother is my biggest love and my motor to have a better lifestyle; when I am sad, confuse or whatever, I just think to him, and I can remember the way, the direction, the reason! (and yes, he is perfect).

I have all my achieved which open a lot of door to my future!

I have the wish to live better and to be exactly what I am without abuse.

All of these things are what I have, then with those I should to start the way this year, and this moment of my life; with those things I should to go exactly when I want to be, and then I could enjoy the sun!

Happy new year!

“You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down”
Charles Chaplin