Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Forgetting the compatible problems between iPad and video flash!

Forgetting the compatible problems between iPad and video flash!
By Tahirí Rojas

Flash video compatible problems for iPads are over! Some days ago Adobe has announced their new video platform available for iPad. It is called Project Primetime which is the "industry's first fully integrated video technology platform" whose new tech runs well in the majority mobile platforms and moreover what is more important is that it is perfect for IOS in general. Additionally, it is perfect for desktop operating systems and smart TVs; because the new adobe platform will offer television-esque viewing sessions across your web-enabled devices.
This "new platform" promises to help the television  and media providers  with live and on-demand viewing on a number of internet-friendly devices, as well as workflow that pulls together streaming, content protection, analytics and advertising,

Two days ago the first portion of "Primetime Highlights" (as Adobe's project) for iPad with video editor and alongside the Auditude ad platform became available. However, the support of the overall platform is coming up by the end of the year.

It is time to wait for what could be the revolution in the video life for all.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Is the patent problem of iPad in Shanghai over? (it has not been published yet)

Is the patent problem of iPad in Shanghai over?
By Tahirí Rojas

 Although the “iPad” name was first registered by the Taiwanese affiliate of Proview Technology in China during 2000 (long ago Apple developed their tablet); on Wednesday Shanghai court has thrown out a civil case against Apple, "a lack of evidence that... the sales of the 'iPad' tablet computer constitutes a trademark violation." It said the Pudong district court.

So Apple prevails over Proview Technology in the trademark case; anyway Apple protracted an ongoing legal battle with the debt-laden Proview Technology over rights to the iPad name. "The court has decided to reject the provisional injunction and terminate the litigation of the case," Pudong district court said.

The new highest definition standard for television. has not been published yet)

The new highest definition standard for television.
By Tahirí Rojas

The national Japanese broadcaster NHK which has been developed with high-resolution broadcast technologies since 1982, it is now breaking the expectations with their announcement: they are developing a new sensor able to capture up to 8K video at 120fps.

The promise is: The new sensor will be capable to hold on Super Hi-Vision company of 7680x4320 pixels which, at 33MP will have a 16x time higher resolution than the one we actually know (1080 HD technology).

This information has been reported at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conference which as usually is taking place in San Francisco. They have informed that the high-speed chip is being developed with Shizouka University.

Anyway, it is important to say that it will take time to arrive into our homes, they are talking about to launching it around 2020, because now they have just some demoed; however, it will be known around 2012 Olympics games when NHK will be used to show some prototypes of 60fps.

Will HP be able to come back to tablet world? (It has not been published yet)

Will HP be able to come back to tablet world?
By Tahirí Rojas

Meg Whitman (chief executive of Hewlett-Packard) was talking about their new tablet (during an on-stage chat before a small gathering of entrepreneurs and executives at a Wall Street Journal Viewpoints West gathering in Silicon Valley) and said: "It is not really a tablet market, it is an iPad market".

So HP is trying to fight with iPad a place into the mountain of top tablets. Whitman admitted that the iPads are great: "The iPad is terrific; I have one," she continued. "I use it to read books or watch TV but I don't use it to really get work done."

The strategy could be to catch people who are looking for a tablet to work easier and with Microsoft compatible stuff; then it will have Windows 8 software. Whitman said that their strength has been to provide people with a tool with a wide and easy chance to improve the working needs.

HP admitted terrible results with their first tablet the past year, when they decided to discontinue it (TouchPad) just seven weeks after it was launched. They said that it was a chance to improve and that they are trying new things.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Simpsons for iPhone.

Note: It has not been published yet, because it is waiting for correction.

The Simpsons for iPhone.
By Tahirí Rojas

Are you looking for good news?

Well, it is your chance!

EA has development the game that you were waiting for. The first game of “The Simpsons” for iPhone is coming soon. "We want this to be one of the biggest titles this year," said EA exec Bernard Kim. "We've invested a lot. It's absolutely a top-tier development priority for us."

Moreover, the game will be free; you could download it in iTunes, and play free; so the currency will be Donuts which you can be used to progress. You will find Donuts littered around the City; however, EA is waiting by your payment to get them in short time.

The only description which has been found is: “The Simpsons, Tapped Out sees Homer destroying Springfield with a nuclear explosion. He then sets out to rebuild the city with a design of his own” (reported by CNET) “While the game visually resembles a Sim(psons) City, it seems that this urban renewal requires you to complete quests for various members of the show's cast, who will apparently be voiced by their respective actors. The script will also be handled by the show's writers”.

There is no official launch date yet, but rumors are talking about that the iOS version will arrive in the next few weeks.

Are you worried about what is doing your cat while you are working or out of home? Are you wondering if your cat is breaking the sofa or something else?

Note: It has not been published yet, because it is waiting for correction.

Are you worried about what is doing your cat while you are working or out of home? Are you wondering if your cat is breaking the sofa or something else?
By Tahirí Rojas

Well, it is time to forget these kind of problems, and focus on your business, at the time that your cat is focus on its.

The technology has knocked the door in the life of your pets too; well, specifically your cats.  Bond University student Saxon Cameron designed and developed the app for the RSPCA, it has been called the Affection Collection and it is part of a university charity project; you can download free this app in iTunes for your iPad. Then you put it on the floor, open the app, and your feline will have long hours of funny and stimulating activity which could help it do not feel alone, neither going outside home and being in troubles or danger.  

This app has been qualified as easy, fun and stimulating for cats. The biggest worry of the cats’ owner has been if the iPad screen could be break by their paw. The good news is: remember that the iPad’s screen is not easy to scratch unless you have a diamond or a strong hit with a hard surface.

So, don’t worry, put your iPad on the ground, and left your cat alone with it without fear.

Rising expectations about the new iPad.

It was not published exactly like this, because was corrected by editor.

Rising expectations about the new iPad.
By Tahirí Rojas

One of the biggest and most expected events for these months is the launching of the new iPad which all news are announcing for the next months.

There are running all kind of rumors about the new iPad, maybe the strongest are:
•        It could be named iPad 2S (not iPad 3 as all people are expecting).
•        It could be a mini iPad with a screen of 7 or 8 inches.
•        Its frontal camera could have 1.3 MP, and the back one 8 MP (which was the biggest complaint of the owners of iPad 2, because the camera didn't have a good level).
•        There could be an 4G/LTE version.
•        It might have a retina display.
•        It might have Siri
•        And the last one: It could be cheaper than the older.

Anyway, nobody is sure about it, the only thing that looks clear is that Apple is maintaining their expectation campaign which had held the highest level of sales. So it is time to wait for a few weeks as everyone thinks or maybe as long as Apple decides to.

Started the rumors about the newest iPhone

Note: It was not published exactly like this, because was corrected by editor.

Started the rumors about the newest iPhone
By Tahirí Rojas.

After four month of the launch of iPhone 4S, now have started the rumors about iPhone 5, but what do we actually know about it? The only known fact is that the website Macotakara (Japanese website) published that the iPhone 5 (or whatever will be the name for the new iPhone) will be launched this year, around September to October. It has woken up a lot of comments about that Apple usually present their new stuff in Spring or Summer, when people have a lot of money to spend in shopping.

In adition, it is easy to find a lot of speculations about the features of the new iPhone; for example, some people are expecting a bigger screen (around 4 inch), or a processor with a 32 nanometer dual core chip with a new graphics processor, and the possibility of eventually incorporate LTE; it is possible to hear that the new iPhone will have technology development for Sharp in their screens to improve the pixel density and energy consumption. All of those information are interesting and exciting, but at the moment are not fact and anybody having true news.

Anyway, the past year was launch the iPhone 4S in the same date and this company sold around 4 million of them during the 3 first days; and they sold in whole 42.6 million of iPhones 4S during the past year. So it is not probable that they are worried about how much money people have to buy the new one.

Nevertheless, it is easy to imagine that iPhone 5 will try to maintain in the top of the Smart-phone, also in amazing technology and high level of sells, so we could think that they are looking for producing something better that their competence (HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3).

Almost all the past year was full of rumors about the new iPhone and the people were absolutely anxious about it; now just 4 months later has started the rumors about the newest. So it is possible to think that Apple has a clear marketing strategy sowing expectation and ensured the future sellers.

February 23, 2012


After two days out, I am back!

The first good news: I am officially a news' writer for a technology website, here you could be some of my publication:

It has been a good experience because I need to read and write in English about whatever topic. It is a very good practice. At the moment I have written four news, but coupes of them are waiting for corrections.

On the other hand, I have been thinking about my course of IELTS preparation; sometimes I feel terrible there, because I have the lowest level in the group, either I am the only one who never has been out to study English. Anyway, I am working hard, I think harder than my partner (because I need it) and I feel that I am learning, not as much as I need, but learning.

Related to OpenEnglish, it is very good to improve your pronunciation, intonation and decrease your fear, so, it is a very good experience too. Today, I have not used it, but anyway I have studied a lot.

Well, I don't know how much time I will need to be ready for the IELTS, but I know that today I am a day nearer of it.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February 21, 2012

I don't have much to say about today. Actually I was study English almost all day: I woke up, took my breakfast, and started study, to practice for the IELTS. Whereas I was studying, I received an email for the people who asked me to be a writer for their website, they was telling me that they didn't receive my article, so I sent it again, and he asked me for a new one with another style. I continue studying, and then I made an essay to practice and published it and my first article here.

I rested around an hour, and took my lunch. Then, I was reading a lot looking for information to the new article. I wrote it and sent it. For that moment I was tired and went to watching a movie, it is English practice too, but I love that movie.

After that I took my diner and tried to study with my online course, but the Internet is too slow and I decided to write my daily and to go to rest. Have been enough study for today.

Well, that is all.

See you.

Task 2.

Do young people today make good use of their leisure time? Or do they spend much time watching television and playing video games, instead of taking part in more productive activities?

Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Television has existed during more than a half of a century, and since it was development, it has been a controversial object; because some people have thought that it is a way to lose the time or control people. Meanwhile, watch TV continue being a popular activity to young and adult people. Step by step video games have taken a big place in the leisure time to the young people too, with a lot of criticism and benefices around them.

It is easy to note around you, as young people spend much time using technologic things, such as watching TV, playing computer or video game, surfing trough social networks, etc. Teachers and parents often argue that it is a lost time, because they are not reading books, practicing sport or learning new things. They tend to think that this way to use the free time could control the mind of their children and to stop the mind development of the children and adolescents.

In evidence of this it is possible to know about younger people in poor countries who do not have information about their cities or culture, but that have a wide idea about the countries which made their favorite movie or video game. In additional, around the world young people seems focus on different activities, they do not want to read classic books or learn old languages. Young people look interesting in activities that are very surface for adults.

On the other hand, recent research have found that watching TV people can extend their general culture, and children who play video games tend to develop pretty well psychomotor skills which people did not have in the past. Moreover, it is long known that each generation have different ideas or interests, and it is usual that adult are worried about new things, because they feel fear to the changes. It is easy to find the same worries in the history with other changes and generational gaps.

In the final analysis, it is possible that young people are spending a lot of time in new technologic things (as TV or video games), but it is necessary to reflect about if it is a real threat or just the normal way to continue the humanity transformation.

Ten days ago I sent this article to a technology blog which is looking for writer.

Today we are going to talk about the iBook ver. 2.0.1 which is a pretty good app for IOS 4.2 or later. In my opinion, it is an open door for a big change in humanity and of course, as Pine and Eucalyptus and all kind of life related to them; it could have a big impact on life in the world.

Naturally the next question in your mind should be: why and how an app could be so important?

Well, that is the matter today; each singer book with 200 pages needs to cut down 3 adult trees (Pine or Eucalyptus), so could you imagine how many dead trees lay in a bookshops, libraries, or just on your night table.

Some years ago the general Readers started, but it is only now with the tablets that it began to be popular and to be part of people's life. Then today you could have more than 20000 books in your iBook 2.0.1 without having to murder any single tree; therefore an iPad could save the life of 4000000 beautiful trees.

Furthermore, using this app you can make notes, highlight words, phrases, paraphrases and pages with different colors, copy and paste important information to another place. In addition, you could take an airplane with more books than you can read without having to pay overweight. These are just to say some of the advantages of this app.

On the other hand, it is important to think about the reason why some people could feel longing for traditional books and won't accept this new way of reading and of being close to knowledge. The first one could be something like: I love to feel pages on my fingers; and the second one: I love the way books smell.  IBook cannot compete with such arguments; therefore it is necessary to strengthen other options for people to enjoy using this app. For example, people could say that they want to draw or write on books and that this app does not offer that option, as well as the fact that it is not hard. I find difficult to understand why if you can make notes, change the letter and size of the books, highlight them, etc. why couldn't you also draw on their pages whatever you want. It is important for people to feel that their book is really theirs, so it is possible to make with it exactly what you want. I think it must be the main goal of the new versions of iBook to become more and more easy for their owners to personalize it.

Finally it is absolutely necessary to me to talk about a terrible thing of this app; it is very hard to organize books on the Bookshelf, because the way they are organized is determined by IOS (I think that not even God could understand it). Therefore, if you want people to have more books to read inside this app, they should be able to organize them as they please.  This is my strongest criticism for this app.

Well, it is all for today, it is time to continue walking inside technology ways...

Monday, 20 February 2012

February 20, 2012


Well, I have been lost some days, I needed to rest. I also studied some hours, but specially my listening skills, but in general I was relaxing, doing exercises, strolling, talking with friends, and giving a pause to me brain. I should admit that I have been dreaming in spanenglish, so a part of my mind continue studying still in rest, or maybe a part of my mind is always focus on go to NZ.

So these days have been a good moment for my mind, to rest and to prepare to continue studying.

I went to the park a couple of time, and to do exercises to the 'Cota mil' on Sunday. It is a highway in the city which is closed on Sunday morning to people goes to enjoy there. So it was too sunny and I burned my feet with the heat of the floor. It sound incredible but was true! I dressed my shoes and socks but the floor was enough heat to burn my poor feet. I could not walk for around 6 hours while my feet were better. I needed to use some creams and medicines to fix my poor feet. Well, today it sound funny, but was horrible.... Umm but funny too....

I have spent a lot of time with my friend as I told you some days ago.

I watched some documentaries very interesting these days, and I am happy about the way that is improving my listening skills. Yesterday I definitely didn't want to study, so I did what I always do when I don't want to study but I feel that I must be it: I watched a Harry Potter movie, it is always funny and it could be an English practice, but sometimes I am not sure if I am understanding or I just remember each single line of that movie.... Lol.

Well, today is Monday again, here is still a holiday because in Venezuela carnival is Monday and Tuesday, anyway I spent two hours studying English with my online course, it is a very good tool to pronunciation skill, it is good in general, but with pronunciation is great!

I just finished it, and it is time to rest. Maybe I will watch a movie or documentaries before to fall asleep.

Well, see you soon.

OH! One more thing! Today I received a email of New Zealand Migration Department telling me that if I have a question, please I could say it to them, because they want to help me and they could assignee me a free adviser to help me if I need it; because they don’t want to lose me for a simple question, they are waiting to me!

I definitely love that country, and I am absolutely happy feeling that they are valuing me! Or that they could value me in the future!

Another reflexion: I have fell in love a lot of times; when was younger I fell in love in wrong ways, I loved people or situations very hard or painful, but now I usually fell in love with a person, situation or thing that could value it and love me as I deserve; sometimes when those people write me, I think that I have fell in love in the right way and with a wonderful lover. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

February 17, 2012


Well today I have been nice. I woke up early and studied since 8:30 am to 1 pm, then I took a shower and watched a documentary (in English of course) about a girl who is schizophrenic with register since her birth, but she received her diagnosis when was 6 years old. Then I took my lunch and slept an hour, studied one more hour and went to the mall to meet with a friend who is getting divorce and my husband and I are spending a lot of time with her. Well, she is great; it is not difficult to want to be with her. It is a pleasure.

So I studied almost all day. Today I feel that I am improving.

On the other hand, I have been following the Dotcom's case; I hope that New Zealand says to US something like: go fuck yourself! He is here, and here he does not has any charge!

I hope it because US never send anybody for a judgment to another country; so his charges are not very clear and you cannot put in jail someone which charge are clear with a law development after whatever he did.

So, I agree with the copywriter right, but US is just trying to use to Dotcom as an example and it is stupid for me. Furthermore, I would like to see which the attitude of NZ facing powers countries is.

I think that they should not send to Dotcom to US, but after that to make a clear new copywriter law and put in jail whoever who is out of that law after it start.

Well.. See you soon.

Task 1

The graphic adobe shown how many Money (expressed in thousand pounds sterling) spent people in Germany, Italy, France and Britain, on 6 consumer (personal stereos, tennis racquets, perfumes, CDs, toys and photographic film).

In general in Britain people spent more money on any of these articles. They spent around 155 on personal stereos and tennis racquets; 160 on perfumes, a few more than 160 on CDs and toys, and around 175 on photographic films.

The others countries spent around 150 pounds sterling on personal stereos, being Italy the country which is following Britain. Related to tennis racquets, France is the country with the lowest spending (around 145), followed by Germany (145), and Italy (150). The consumed of perfumes is the same as the tennis racquet with a few amount in France.

Those three countries had the same behavior faced the expenditure of CDs and photographic films which Germany had the less spent (around 145); Italy the second less (around 150 – 155), and France following Britain with around 158-160-. Related to toys, it is possible to note the same consumer (168) for Italy and France; and Germany is the last one (around 145).

In conclusion, those countries had different ways to spent money on these things; although Britain people spent more money on all of them, the others countries took different ways at the time to select their expenses.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

February 16, 2012

Hello! I am back!

I have been two days without write my personal daily; but I have been studying anyway. So I don’t have burden of conscience…

Well, on Tuesday I went with my husband to the laboratory because he needed to take a blood test. It was horrible because in this city all people is always upset and we are always exposed to high level of abuse. Anyway, after that I came back to home, took my breakfast and started to study for around 5 hours. At night I went to the restaurant with some friends and my husband, because I have a friend who is getting divorce and she was feeling terrible on Valentine’s Day. They drank some hours while I accompanying them.

Yesterday, I woke up early, and studied around 4 hours during the morning, but after that I went to the park to do exercise, and it was very rewarding because I am feeling better. Then I went to my English class, it was very sad because I received my homework of task 1 (February 13, 20012), and my teacher said that it is in the band 5. So after that I got a headache and I could not work well in the classroom. I came back to home and slept early.

Today, I woke up, took my breakfast and studied 2 hours in the morning. So I was falling asleep and went to the bed for two hours. I woke up again, and started to study for around 4 more hours. Now I am very tired and I will do different kind of things.

Hahahaha. Well, I am studying a lot, but I am not sure to be learning a lot… Anyway I am trying.

Well, today I wrote two Task 1 for the general IELTS, they are my homework, and I decided to do that as a practice; furthermore I wrote a task 1 for the academic IELTS. I hope I got at least band 6 with those homework. Anyway, I will not know for two week, because I will not have a class on Monday because it will be carnival day; so I am going to delivery my homework on next Wednesday and receive it a Monday after that.

On the other hand I hope to meet with some friends this weekend. I will tell you soon if that was possible.

Task 1. Personal Practice.

The chart adobe is talking about the proportion of the population of more than 65 years old, from 1940 to 2040 in Japan, Sweden and USA.

Japan started the research with the lowest level of senior citizens (5%), and between 1940 to n2005 there had a small decline. Nevertheless, it started to rise slowly, and this country has a projection of for 2030 the proportion of the old people reach a peak and in 2040 around 27% of the population will be elderly.

On the other hand, USA started the projection with around 9% of senior citizens, and it expected a gradual increase with a steep rise during the period between 2020 to 2040 when there are waiting for around 22% of old people. Meanwhile, Sweden is thinking about the same increase of old people than USA, but with two considerable peaks, one between 1990 to 2010 and the second one between 2030 to 2040, closing the research with around 20% of elderly people after to have started around 7% from 1940.

In the final analysis, it is possible to note that in those three countries it is expected a large increase in a number of elderly people. When the projection started all those countries had around 5 to 10 percent of population aged 65 or more. However, they are waiting for around 22-27 percent a century later.

Task 1. General IELTS (homework) the second one

Write a letter to a friend, telling them about the way you spend your day, or about a visit you have just made.

Dear Rosanna,

How are you? How are the babies? I saw the pictures and they are beautiful. I am fine, studying a lot, but not pretty sure about to be learning a lot.

I am feeling better since past week; actually I went to the park yesterday to do exercise. It was great, the park is beautiful and I saw some lizards, some old and some young; all of them were trying to attack a net’s birds but suddenly birds came back to protect their net; birds won, but it was funny.

After that, Juan and I took an ice-cream, but the main topic of the conversation was the short war between lizards and birds. Finally, it was my class time, and he went with me to Chacaito Yesterday was a funny day.

I hope to meet you and your family this weekend, and go to the park. I can hardly wait to play football with your son.

I miss you a lot.

Hung and kisses.


Task 1. General IELTS (homework)

You belong a group which uses a hall near your home to meet once a month. You have been using the hall for the last three years. You have just heard that the rent will double next month. You group cannot possibly afford such a large increase.
Write to the manager of the hall and explain your problem.

To the manager of the hall.

Good morning. I hope you are very well. I am writing to you because I have a problem that I thing you could help me.

As you know, I have been using the hall during three years, at the past with a group of collages who came there to talk about researches and work stuff. But from a month ago I have a parent group there; I do not receive any pay, we just talk about problems with their children and I try to help them All of us pay part of the rent of the hall.

It is my communitarian work, because they are not rich people, and neither they can pay a lot of money looking for help.

 You know me long ago, and I feel a little embarrassed, but I need to ask to you that the price of the hall maintain the same level for this group at the moment. It is my communitarian input and I want to ask to you be the same.

On the other hand, in two months, my collages and I will to gather again in the hall twice a month and we could pay the full price.

I hope you could understand me.


Monday, 13 February 2012

February 13, 2012

Well, hello again.

I am actually doing this homework! Today I woke up, took my breakfast and started to study. The first activity I did it was a task 1 for the Academic IELTS, it was my homework for the British Council course, well really the homework was to Task 1 for General IELTS, but I thought that it was stupid because I need to improve my skills to academic one, so I decided to change my homework, good thing was my teacher accepted it.

After that I took an OpenEnglish's class and reviewed some words and expressions.

Then I went out to my husband, I ate sushi, went to my analysis and finally to the British Council for my class. I arrived very early to the British Council and I studied one and a half hours.

I came back to home, took another OpenEnglish’s class, talked with a friend, took my dinner and now I am writing here. I am going to go to watching TV and rest to continue studying tomorrow.

One important thing of today: my class in the British Council was very good, I enjoy it! I understand what they are expecting to me in the speaking test... It is not too hard, but it is absolutely necessary to practice, practice and practice.

Have a nice night.

Task 1.

The graph above is talking about changes of employment in tourist industries since 1989 to 1999. The industries shows are Sport, Culture, Travel, Food and Hotels.

It is possible to see that exist 3 stronger tourist industries during this time, which are: Hotels (and other accommodation), it was the biggest in 1989 and had a rise in 1999, but still during this year was the third big industry. Second big industry during 1989 was Sports which showed an important increase in 1999 keeping the second place. The third industry was Food in 1989; nevertheless it had the highest development during a decade, becoming to 1999 in the first tourist industry with more employment.

On the other hand, Culture was the number four industry about amount of employment with a little decrease in 1999 when it was the last one. Finally talking about Travel, it was the fifth during 1989 with a increase of almost twice for 1999 when closed as fourth in 1999.

In the final analysis, it is important to comment that in general it had a big increase in the number of employment in the tourist industry during these 10 years.

Personal daily of yesterday. Post dated

Oh my god!!!! I forgot to write my diary yesterday again! Well, I am going to fix it right now. Yesterday was inserting day; I woke up, took my breakfast and went out with my husband to meet with a friend to go to do exercises. But yesterday were the primaries, so we had as arrangement that she will go to vote before to gather with us, and anybody imagined that it will be a long process. So we were waiting her around an hour, whereas she was voting.

Finally we went to walk, it was funny, a relax moment sharing silly an important things. Then we went to eat ice-cream, and it was time to vote of my husband and me. There we found a very big line when we spent around two and a half hours. My friend was with us around one and a half hours, but she needed to go to her home.

My husband and I came back to home after that and spent the rest of our day resting and waiting the results. It won my favorite candidate, it was very good.

So it was time to sleep.... In conclusion, yesterday was a day without English study....

Now, I am studying as I woke up. But I will tell you about it late.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

February 11, 2012

Actually I didn't comeback yesterday to my daily, it is a hard thing to keep. But still I wrote a story, I hope it counted as my yesterday writing practice. I need to be more focus on study for the IELTS, but it has not been easy this day, because I have not been feeling absolutely well. Anyway I am here practicing.... Lol

Well, yesterday has a hard day, my husband was sick and I was very worried about him, I think he has a lot of stress and that is the root of problem.

On the other hand, I was laughing all day with the powerful and rich machine to produce lies very quickly; it was an email that I receive by a friend alerting to me (and other people) about the importance to vote tomorrow, and don't feel fear about government reprisal. I think that she is absolutely right but anyway it was very funny to me.

That was the start point of my yesterday story.
I met with a friend yesterday at night, and I was studying English form the morning...

About today, I went to walk to the park with my husband, we have just trying to relax ourselves and do a little exercise. I said I little because we both are not feeling absolutely nifty, so we are starting or routine slowly.

We came back at home and I saw a football play, I slept, woke up and started to study English sometime. Today was a relaxed study; I studied with my online course.

Well, it was all for today.

See you soon.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly

They were a group of five friends since the school begins who now were at the middle of the college; at the moment they were around 20 years old. They came of families of middle social class, with smart parents, all of them professionals, open mind, though they have known to put boundaries and to teach manner. It was usual for them to help into social causes, but still when some of them believed in god nobody was part of a religion. This is important to say that the parents were not friends; they just kept a relationship because their children had been friends during long time.

It was a small town which was known around the world as cultural town, with important universities, good schools, big orchestras, theatres, drawers, etc.

Those boys studied different career at the college, but frequently they shared time together, playing sports, going to the movie, discovering and talking about the life sense or just drinking... It was the holidays before the next semester, and they were very happy, because they must to take a general matter together, it was Social Philosophy. It will be a time to remember the early school, studying and mocking teachers together.

Classes started, and social life went down as usually; anyway they were hopeful to the shared class will be a moment to have an excuse to relax with old friends. It was exactly as they expected; shared class was easy but interesting; and a chance to talk about very deep down things without relevance for the life (it was a sweet mind exercise for them). But step by step this class was more and more difficult, because the teacher had two important stuffs inside his speech, one about that his student didn't know the real world and it is absolutely necessary to talk with different kind of people and spend time in other neighbor towns; second weird thing in this teacher mind was about that the real problem of the world were the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly; he said that it was impossible to pass the class without discover what he is talking about with those machines, but as he always sent homework that student needed to go out of the town some days and talk with new people; he always said that if you do all your outdoor homework you suddenly will discover which that machines were.

Those boys (as all Students) started to think that the teacher was absolutely crazy; and it was easier to listen to them asking question as how will we discovery a thing which just exist inside his weird mind visiting and spending time in another town? How could someone discovery what kind of crazy idea is living inside his mind?

So our boys decided to take it easy, as they should go out to do homework they will take this time to relax and share time together. In general their idea was something like if we need to do it, we will enjoy it... They were a little worried about to lose the course and need to take it again, but meanwhile they would enjoy it.

Each week, teacher asked more difficult activities, and all students were unhappy and worried. However all of them had won more new friends that in their whole life. The semester will finish on a month and nobody had idea about what those stupid machines were... Then teacher asked a new homework which was on to go alone to know and join in not least than 9 different kinds of social gathering, so to describe them and find the specific and general features. Teacher told that with this activity they will find what the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly are; he asked to look for different activities to your partners and preferably to go to different towns. Another very important rule was: if you discover what machines are, you must not share it.

Then the students started their last homework for this class which after 6 month had been the most difficult class for them, but still the most interesting. They went to sport teams, music bands, religions, support teams, parties, art groups, etc.

It was an alone time, because now they could not be with their friends and they didn’t have an idea what are looking for. But they started to discover some specific stuff of each town and group.

Suddenly one of them discovered that in a specific town all people were poor but anyway gave money to the church and they cannot be whatever they wanted because to needed to be whatever the Christianity religion asked. He started to see as rich and powerful are the Christianize religion and as they have got the life control of the people whom gave their money although it is absolutely necessary to them. He asked himself how do this religion to control the people life? So he went to the church frequently and found a lot of lies in the churchman speech focus on to keep the people near to him and without chance to take personal choices.

So the boy discovery what that machine was! He was very happy and he wanted to share it with his friends, but it was absolutely banned; whom discover it should to keep the information alone since the last class and act as he did not has idea.

He was very worried about that his friend didn't know that stuff and lose the class; but deep down inside his mind he knew that he must keeps the silence.

Finally was the last class, he was happy because it will be a great discussion. Teacher said: well I am sure that all of you discovered what the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly are, so I will count to three and all of you will say the answer together, one, two three. But the sound in the classroom was unintelligible and the teacher laughs them whereas they were asking themselves what had happened.

Teacher smiling asked to say the answer one by one, but with some simple rules, nobody can say noting before their turn and it is not allowed to say more than one word, the consequence was: Christianity, Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, etc. Students named around 15 religions; at the end teacher asked: so which are the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly? And all of them said: religions!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

February 9, 2012

Ok, today is the third day of this daily and I almost forget to write here. But well, I am here again.

I wake up feeling better than the past days; actually I have felt better all day. I spent my morning studying English with my new IELTS book, I checked my Wednesday class and did some lessons of OpenEnglish and an online classes. Then I took my lunch, slept some minutes and went with me husband to meet with his friend whom he had not met during around 9 years. It was great!

After that we both went to walk on the streets and came back at home.

I wrote my post for a technology page which is looking for writer and I want to be one of them. I wrote about app iBook, I will ask them if I can to publish it at my own blog and then I will share it with you.

Now it is time to rest. I am going to read during a while before fall asleep.

Today was a productive day about my process to learn English. I hope to continue practicing in this way.

Sorry to be so bored.... Just remember that it is a single practice.... Please forget me.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Personal dialy. February 8, 2012

Hello, it is my second personal daily day; actually I have not been well keeping a daily in the past, sometimes because I felt fear of my parents found it, or because I thought it was very stupid, or maybe because I didn't want to think about my day. Now it is different, I still think that it is stupid, but I don't feel fear about my parent found it, because my parent are not really interesting in my life and anyway I don't have much to hide, and if I had something to hide, I didn't write about that on a online blog. So the real reason for this dairy is just keep practicing day after day, still when sometimes I don't want to.

Ok, today I wake up feeling that I had sleep more than 20 hours, but at that moment was just 7:30 a.m. Then I had a weird sensation, maybe did I sleep very deep? Or did I sleep .... Well, for that moment I decided don't to think deep down about it and to start my day with strength and intention to study long time.

I took my breakfast and a shower and started to study. In the beginning I checked the first class of my EILTS course and practiced the vocabulary; then I did a reading practice with not enough score, I had 10 good answers of 13 questions. But just at 9:30 a.m. I started to feel bad again. I am sick but I am not sure which it is exactly the problem; I hope to know when I receive my lab test results. Each time I up to the chair I felt dizzy, but I tried to continue studying. So, after my IELTS practice I did some lessons to OpenEnglish.

Well, I was absolutely hungry and I ate my lunch with the strong intention to continue studying as soon as I finish eating. But it was impossible, after that I felt worst! Terrible! I almost fainting and I needed to go to the bed. I think that I passed out twice when I was on bed "watching tv" and in that moment I thought that for this reason I could feel that I slept weird, because it is possible that I was not just sleep all night.

Step by step I felt better, and I tried to listen to podcast and news but it was hard and at that moment I was on time to go to my second class of IELTS course.

My husband arrived and went with me to my class, I was feeling terrible, we drank a straw berry juice and I started to feel better. So during those days when I have been sick, around 5-6 I suddenly I feel good... Well good enough. Today was not different around 5 I was ok, not absolutely good, but ok.... I took my class.... It has been very disappointment for me... But anyway I took that.

I would like to share too that I receive an special gift today, a woman who I love very much sent to me with my husband a book and she said to him: I bought two of them, one for my daughter and one for Tahirí; it is a very special present and I am very happy about, still when I have not started to read it yet.

On the other hand, my husband gave me a book to study for the IELTS, it is a good present too, still when we both need it for our future, it is very sweet that he is always paining attention to what I am needing to improve, it does not mean that he always can give me what I need, but he is always careful.

So now, I am finishing it, and I will eat my dinner, and probably after that I will study a couple of hours more.

Well, I hope to study tomorrow a lot and I would like to do some writing practice, so it is possible that tomorrow I will have more to share with you.

Ah! One more thing! It is possible that soon I will change my blog a little.

Bye and thanks to read me!

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Last question: am I losing my money and time in my IELTS course?