Sunday, 26 August 2012

Task 2

Money should be spent on creating new public buildings such as museums or conference halls rather than repairing existing ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

275 words, 30 minutes (after self corrections)

Nowadays, in developed counties wide range of national budget is used fixing ancient museums, theaters and others art places which most of them are part of the humanity history, built very long ago; some people believe that governments should build new ones instead of continuing repairing the older ones, while others support the idea that they are very important to societies. That is why, it is a complicated issue that deserves a deep evaluation before offering an opinion.

Along history many beautiful buildings have been built, some of them are still in use; they are live part of our evolution, and having the option to visit them is an opportunity to be inside the olden times and learn about them with a personal experience and not just reading or listening a story. However, to keep them in shape is very expensive; what is more, they are using spaces in which are impossible to build new and modern ones.

Furthermore, present artists should have a chance to demonstrate their skills; so, it is quite possible that some of them could develop creative buildings using update technologies which may be cheaper, more useful and a way to leave part of our contemporaneous art to future generations as well. Anyway, both destroy the older ones and abandon them may be a horrible loss to our time gone by. Then, the better idea is keeping the ancients as museum which tell our history and find new places for moderns ones.

In conclusion, from my point of view, it is not a matter of having old or new buildings, it is necessary to find places for both of them in our budget, cities and history.

Task 2

Nowadays people becoming parents later in life. Some think it is not a good development for the family and for the country. Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your own opinion.

275 words, 30 minutes (after self corrections)

Presently, some people get used to having children older than in the past; there are different opinions about this situation, a group support the idea that it has more downside than positive effects for families and consequently, for societies, while other disagree with this point of view. That is why, it is an essential issue which deserves a deep down evaluation before offering an opinion.

Ancient societies tended to have younger parents for many reasons, such as in the past people lived shorter than nowadays and there were not contra conceptive methods. So, those cultures were very young and frequently parents and children were adults at the same time, having a chance to share some good experiences. Moreover, some experts believe that it is better to have children in the 20s decade because people are more energetic and healthier.

On the other hand, these days people live longer, and they have more time to become economic stable, reach professional satisfactory and start a family. Even if, it may be very funny to be 27 and have a 10 years old child, it is very complicated to be a teen parent and teach the ropes to a baby when father or mother is still a child. So, in modern societies, it is quite common that partners make the decision to become parents when they have a wide range of needs solve and they feel ready to take care of someone else.

In conclusion, from my point of view, it is natural that now people have children older than in the past, and it is not necessarily better or wrong, it is a result of our new lifestyle.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Task 2

All children should study a foreign language in school starting in the earliest grades.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

290 words, 30 minutes (after self corrections)

Everyday globalization is nearer people; consequently, it is quite common that children get used to studying a second language at school in order to offer them more tools to face the modern world. However, it may carry some downside. That is why, it is an essential issue which deserves a deep evaluation before offering an opinion.

Young people are more able to learn new languages than older ones because they mind are wider flexible. However, some relatives believe that it is not a good idea to teach their small children a new tongue, because they are just learning their mother languages, and introduce a new one might confuse them, becoming harder to achieve a good comprehension of both tongues; they support the idea that younger kids could make many grammar mistakes as consequence of the mix of languages. For instance, in New Zealand, a couple of parent showed disagree when their toddler was learning a Maori language when she was 2, they said that they wanted that she know it, but she was so young yet.

On the other hand, lots of researches have demonstrated that bilingual children tend to be more intelligent than the monolingual ones; even if children who speak more than one language spend more time learning to talk and write, they have more advantages in future. Researchers suggest that it is a good idea to teach more than one tongue at school to become them familiar and easy to learn for students.

In conclusion, from my point of view, although it is harder to learn two languages for children, it has more good points than negative effects in them. So it is fundamental to teach them another tongue to open the door for more opportunities. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Task 1

162 words, 19 minutes (after self correction)

The pie graphs below illustrate the percentage of career studied at the National University in the year 1990, 2000 and after a decade.

In 1990, 30% of people there had their degrees in both computer science and business; however, those careers took different ways, and while the first one was increasing the next 20 years, the amount of proportion of people who got their degrees in business showed a slow decline.

Otherwise, in 1990 and 2010 25% of people who attended to National University had their degrees in Medicine, while in 2000 they were 5% more. In contrast, 15% of people there studied law at the first stage and the end of the period, but only 10% got their degrees in this area in the middle of the time.

Summarizing, there people studied similar percentage each career with slight fluctuations, it is possible to say that only in Computer science and Business were possible to find important differences in the last measurement. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Task 2

Compare modern shopping centers to local markets and shops. What way of shopping has more advantages for the people and the society?

288 words, 34 minutes (after self corrections)

Nowadays shopping centers have been changing and we have different types of them, since the most modern ones to the oldest such as local markets.  These shops’ diversity brings wide range of both obvious benefit and downside. That is why, it is essential to analyze this point deeply before offering an opinion.

Local and small markets have existed long ago, and they offer people close relationships with their sellers in order to allow them to know very well what kind of consumer likes everyone; consequently, some people prefer to go to small shops, find some items there and enjoy a good time as well. Moreover, most of those shops tend to receive neighbors who live around and are used to going walking and spending short time in their shopping.

On the other hand, these days, it is quite common that update markets have almost everything, so people can buy there a kilogram of onion, a refrigerator, and some cadies; this modern situation have many positive aspects, because the biggest shops can buy higher amount of things paying less for them; so they are able to sell cheaper. Furthermore, people find there a lot of stuffs, so they do not need to visit different places so that buy what they want. Then, small and big shops have some argument in favor; saying that one is better than the other depend on what someone is looking for.

In conclusion, from my point of view, it is hard to say that bigger markets or local ones have more good points, because it has always a close relationship to what everybody needs and wants in a specific moment; all of them might help to improve people’ lives as well as social development.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Task 2

Some ex-prisoners commit crimes after being released from the prison. What do you think is the cause? How can it be solved?

269 words, 33 minutes (after self corrections)

Ex-convicts are very big social problems, because some of them tend to continue having illegal behaviors after leave jails. It does not only affect their victims, it has consequences in the whole society, becoming them in a public trouble which needs facing. That is why, it is essential analyze this point deeply before offering an opinion.

Every society has criminal people who disturb the daily life in their environment.  Moreover, it is quite common that after antisocial ones go out to prison, they are used to making crimes again, in most of cases they are worse than the previous ones. Many countries are looking for solving this issue; they have tried to teach them new activities in order to help ex-prisoners to become part of the workforce and more productive in general. However, even if some of them have achieved in this goal, others do not.

From my point of view, it is because of criminal people are not just bad persons, they are mental illness ones, they have problems in both to follow rules and feel interest in others; so they do not only need to learn a new kind of job, they need to have mental help as well. Governments should treat them as sick people and offer them global interventions.

In conclusion, it is a very serious social problem; because nobody has the correct answer neither the complete solution, but it is possible that giving to ex-convicts general help such as medical, mental and labor tools, they may be better people in the future and have wider range of option to become productive parts of society.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Task 2

Some people believe that teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time. This can benefit the teenagers and the community as well. Do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

276 words, 32 minutes (after selfcorrections)

There is an interesting argument about whether adolescents must do some free works in their communities because it may be a good experience to them, while they are improving their environment. It is an essential issue which deserves a deep down evaluation before offering an opinion.

Young people need to study so that learn every important element that will be useful for their future; that is why some adults support the opinion that none one teen should work, and they ought to be focus on study and do some leisure activities to explore what kind of things are really important to them to be able to make better decisions when the time to chose a career comes. However, those adults are forgetting an essential element in this subjects, such as doing some works paid or unpaid might have a great experience too in order to discover their our skills and interests.

Furthermore, having a free job which is an opportunity to help someone community, it I a big chance to learn very important lessons about daily life, cooperativity, responsibility, etc. It is fundamental to remember that even if studying is a safe way to learn pivotal stuff in a wide range of elements, it is not the only way; what is more, no one can find all necessary things for life just studying. So, commentary works could offer benefits for both teenagers and their environment.

In conclusion, from my point of view, it is nothing wrong to encourage young people to work for free in their communities few hours per week; on the contrary, it I an excellent idea with long-term advantages for all involved ones.

Coming Back

Hi, long time without come her. Let me explain, I was preparing me to take the test and then I was resting. I did not have enough score this time, but I achieve 7 in speaking band, it is amazing! I hope to do a better job the next test date.

On the other hand, I can’t bear living in the murder capital anymore; so I am living in a quieter place while I can go to live to NZ; I am looking for jobs here. However, it is time to go back to the salt mines, that’s why, I am in process to organize a new study routine. It is hard, because I don’t have any job yet, but study English in order to have enough score in the IETLS is my pivotal goal.