Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thinking and talikng about some NZ's news

Today I have been reading NZ's news as usually, and I found 3 special news took my attention:

1 the primer minister ate pizza in his house (they don't have problems and it is very important)

 2 a guy in NZ took the first photo of a new solar system

3 cats can play with the iPad, and they like it, exist people who think is a very good activity for cats without garden.

On the other hand, here is more than a wonderful goal buy milk or meal. I am living in a place where you are always in risk, always someone could attack you, here is very difficult to find necessary things to live. 

When I was reading the first news, I thought: there, they don't have real problems and for this reason is very important that the primer minister ate pizza of pizza hot. 

While I found the news about the photo of another solar system, I thougt: sure, when you are relax and quiet, you could be more creative and use your skills in very wonderful ways.

Finally, when I read the news about cats playing with iPads, I thought: in some place, people can to buy iPads for their cats...

In summary, I am thinking about the difference between the side of the world that I am and born, and the other where I want to be and live the rest of my life.

I talking about I want to be the blessed people that their biggest problems or worries are if they want to go to the beach today or not; maybe I would like to be the kind of people who are worried about important thinks but not urgents... People who are sure that if they do some things, they will be good... Now I am the kind of people who is working day after day trying to solvent the most basic things to live and frequently without success...

I want to be the kind of people who can to think and use their skill in something important, not just in something necessary.

Not much more to say.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My English Teacher

Today I want to talk about my English teacher.

First I want to say thank you to him! During these 6 weeks studying with his helps I have improved more quickly than in a year studying alone. This time has been very productive and funny!

He is a very weird man, but not bad, just funny and happy, he is like a free butterfly, but when you talk with him, you discover a smart and sensible person able to talk about anything and understand different kind of see the world.

He is respectful of others, still if he is thinking you are a very stupid person.

His cat is named "chuchito" because is a tropical cat; but still, he is not able yet to say "chuchito" correctly. It is very striking for me, because he is a British man, he is able to speak Spanish with difficult (but he is able to understand all people) and he is able to understand the problem of this country and he is not in agree of a lot of things here; but anyway, his cat is named "chuchito" also he cannot say it correctly.

He is a persona able to enjoy littler things in the life meanwhile his is doing necessary things to live as better as is possible.

He looks like a man in his 20s, but he is almost 40... I think because if you are relaxed and happy you look like that.

He goes to Guarico all Sunday, I cannot understand the reason, maybe he could say me: because it is the paradise. I cannot understand yet, but I am able to respect each kind of madness, in special because he is absolutely respectful with my madness.

He loves chicha, maybe it is the easiest thing to understand when I think about him. All people should love chicha!

Thank you my dear teacher to teach me English and to give me the opportunity to know a wonderful people like you!

It is all today.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just some words

Today I have more than 4000 visits in my blog, during around 10 months. I am so happy about it. On the other hand, just today I received the first comment insulting me here.

It is great, because during this time I have been studying English with myself and just this last month I have had a teacher; now my English is not very good yet, but I have improved a lot and people around the world read me, understand me and insult me. It mean, people can understand me although my English is intermediate still.

During this time, I have written about a lot of things here, and people in more than 50 countries have been with me.

I want to explain that I don't want to insult none or be disrespectful with nothing; I am just a person who want to have better lifestyle and who is in love with a country far away for me still. Nevertheless, I am a reflective people, and now I am not working, I am just studying English and thinking about thing around me and others far away of me but important anyway.

In my opinion, opinions are not a attack if others can understand well.

I did not decided the place to birth, but anyway I born he, and I have lived here during 29 years, and definitely I love this place. But still, I don't like it, I don't want to be he; and now I can choose, and I want to be a kiwi; I don't know wether it is good or bad, but it is exactly what I want.

I hope in some time this life experience will be far away of me and will be just a memory, and in this moment probably I will miss the country where I born. But now it is not that moment, today I am he, I don't want to be here and when I see around me, I just find more reasons to go far away.
Now it is my reality.

Finally, I want to say thanks to accompany me during this time and in this important experience of my life!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Reason to study.(November 05, 2011)

Today I have been in Puerto la Cruz all day, it is a hot place, but here is my husband's family, and they are wonderful people. I feel very well with them, but the terrible weather is hard to hold during long time.

It is a beautiful place, but only talking about natural place, because the city is awful, and you just hear horrible music, people talking terrible, and frequently don't have water and light, or necessary things to eat.

We went to buy some medicines and spent around a hour waiting to pay it.

On the other hand, we went to buy "empanadas" to breakfast and I just could see people very poor, but I am not just talking about people without enough money to have necessary things to live, I am talking about to people poor in their mind, and without intention to live better. Woman how sells and make the "empanadas" is a old woman, and in that house lives around 12 people, with babies, children and adults; and kids don't have toys and they play with waste, and bigger children care the babies. Nobody have bought a floor (it is almost of earth) neither a roof (it is of zinc). Nevertheless, each time I have gone there, I have seen around 10 people waiting for their "empanadas". It is impossible to think this people are not be able to live better, in my opinion it is not the laking of money the reason they are poor, it is the lacking of progress idea.

After this thought, I just think that it is a country rich in natural resource, but very poor in development and lifestyle; it is exactly the same situation of the woman who sell and make "empanadas" here.

In this country, all year you can have whatever fruit you want; never you need to prepare yourself for difficult weather or others problems like those. It is possible, it easy situations is the reason people don't need to think and learn ways to development their life.

Here out of Caracas, with very warm weather and awful place, it is easy to understand the reason of people don't looking for better opportunities or development... I am very sad about all these things, and worried about collect all necessary things to go to live to NZ and become me a kiwi.

Some days ago, my husband tools me that when he was a teen, policeman fallen out his bag to prove if he was eggs to attack people in the streets, and he was walking and policemen could stop him and check his pockets and bag during long time just because was a teen and he could be a criminal.

Definitive I don't want that my kids neither my brother live that kind of experiences, I want to live in respect place where they have a worthy life. For this I am here, out of my city and with wonderful people, and I am just practicing English. Just because it is the way to go to better life.

See you soon.