Monday, 16 May 2011

I cannot walk but I can fly!

I need to write about anything… is writing as I meet with myself when I’m loss. Yes, I’m loss now. I don’t feel well. I can hardly walk and my life is stop, but my mind fly away, and build a new better life, with wonderful place, beautiful trees, perfect mood…

Now, I’m jail in my body without live my live… but my mind is completely free, my mind is flying as high as is possible, and I’m dreaming with a better time, without this pain, this kind of problems…

I want to have a  white house, red car, and quiet life, with a lot of trees, and people relax, when I can talk with people how are not upset each moment.

Now, I cannot walk, but my mind can go wherever I want, and  I am discovering a new way to live in the  tangible word and the dream word… both are my real word. I hope in short time they have do not long space between them like now…

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thinking about Osama death.

Today was died a terrible person, a person who killed a lot of people in a big terrorist attack, and who did another sadness situations during some years.  Possible a sociopath person, with terrible mental illness, a person who should be in jail long time ago and receiving mental support because his metal disorder.    

Whatever, I think people are free to be happy about whatever they want. But I think, the government has a biggest responsibility adobe people and this speech was a way to call hate and war.

In my opinion, if Obama is happy about this situation, is ok, but he should not say it! He should say: all human lost is a sad situation, he died in military operation, we are not happy about it; we cannot forget all people died in 11 September, but we hope he can rest in peace. Please, remember a person is died we don’t have reason to be happy, go to home.

I think, he is looking for his reelection and is possible he have archived it, but I think this speech could be pay with a lot of human life, is possible with Obama life.

I think, the governments should be responsible of their words, and never and ever say to people is ok to kill, they should remember the people have a better way to solvent this kind of problems, and for this exist the justice, the lay, etc.

I understand the happiness in the people, but not the irresponsible reaction in USA president.

After this speech, how can the government to say the violence is not a good way to solvent the problems in the world, In the house In the school, etc?