Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I’m stressful, and consequently, I’m angry and upset!

Today has a very hard day! I’m stressful, and consequently, I’m angry and upset! I feel don’t want anything! I only want study English and sleep. But the life is different, I duty work, I have a husband (with difficult personal situation) friends (whit specific needs) and normal difficulties…
On the morning, I didn’t have much patient, I didn’t remember the reason, but I was angry with my husband, after that 2 coworkers (on the university) had a terrible personal discussion disguised like work problem…  They want I was part of the problem, I didn’t. After that, one batter me (because I didn’t support her, and she said, I’m coward and traitor) in front of my students, and the other one, thought now we were friend… The crazy people!
After that, I was study on the British. I had terrible result today! I was studying 4 hours with terrible results!
I arrived the place where I sleep and eat. I continued studying 2.5 hours more. I feel better in this time.
But I´m really tired and upset!
I only want to study, and when the people can talk with me or do different things, I don’t want. But now, I’m reflecting, maybe I need do different things… maybe it could help me feel better and study better…
I leave thinking.
See you soon…

Task 2

There has long been a debate over whether the television is responsible about destroys family life and any sense of community. Here will talk about the dangerous of watch television and does not prefer visiting people or talking with our family.
Long years ago with develop of society was create the television; it had represented a very big change on the world. The people could have new information around the Earth and in real time, new recreation style, etc. This has been very impotent in the new lifestyle of persons and their priorities. Is possible the television been a very important distraction and in some people make most difficult have good relationships and could be alone with the TV´s programs.
However, always have existed different kinds of people and different kinds of families with specific relationships and priorities. In other words, the people can decide if they would rather watch television or do other thing. This decision could have relation with different type of reasons, for example: with family traditions, values learned, interests, etc.
Furthermore, the family is the society base, and in each home people lean important things to the life and if a person lean in home to be near to other people and have good relationships with them, watch television or not watch television cannot change that.
In the final analysis, is important point out, the developments of society always have fears and risks, but still, when the family is close up and strong, this changers are not a danger.

Task 1

In this graph is possible see the number of complaints made by people to Environmental Health authorities about different kinds of noises during 1989 to 1996 (16 years) in the city of Newtown.
On 1980 the biggest reason of complaints was road work with more than 600, continues for domestic/household (with 500), factories (400) and the last was traffic noises.
During 1986 to 1988, all of complaints fell except the factories noises, it was its biggest increase and hit to 700.
The road work complaints were declined each year and on 1996 was 100. On the other hand, traffic and domestic/household noises have had on dramatic increase side 1986, and to 1996 the majority number of complaints was for domestic/household noises with a little more than 1200, continues for factories noises that have the similar number of complaints side 1986 and traffic noise with 600.
In the final analysis, could understand the varieties on complaints about noise in this city.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

There has long been a debate over the possible new measures that could be taking to help disabled people to move to different olds place without adequate designee.
A lot of charities organizations are very worried about disabled people and their difficulties to move in some streets and buildings. Frequently, this group put pressure on government to think in different kinds of disabled persons and help them to have better lifestyle.
However, I finally believe that the government should do it without press and support of other organizations, because they have enough money to do that and disabled are persons with a lot of help needs. In other words, although disabled people are not majority of population, is duty of government work for them, and help them to do easier move in different place and begin new education programs to explain to others persons the needs of disabled and the way to help them, and development the respect and comprehension.
Furthermore, it is generally accepted that disabled people does not only need help to move or do different things, they have a biggest problems with frequently batter and discrimination for society, and they need common emotional help, but the most important is, if the common people are receptive and compressive with them, they could have better lifestyle, jobs, friends and could be more happy.
In the final analysis, is possible understand the disabled people need government help to move, and it is their duty. Nevertheless, disabled people need help to have normal and happy life and for this reason, the government should do education programs to increase the respect and comprehension with them while these programs could help to decrease the discrimination toward disabled persons.

Taks 1

In this section is possible know the projection increases of the population in five cities (Tokio, New York, Shanghai, Bombay and Jakarta) since 1970 to 2015.
Bombay has the most incredible increases of population during this time. In 1970 had 5 millions of people and to 2015 the expectative is have more than 25 millions of persons living there.
On the other hand, New York has the smallest growth in the population in the same time, starting with less of 15 millions of people and closing with a little most than 15 millions.
In 1970, the city with more population was Tokio with most of 15 millions of people, and hope to 2015 has also 30 millions of persons there.
Finally, Shanghai started with less than 15 millions of people and had a little grown on 1990. But still, to 2015 hope has around 21 millions of people in this city.
In the final analysis, is easy understanding the increases in the population in these cities during 45 years of research.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A little reflexion.

I want to write. But, it is too difficult today, because the last two days have been so strong, exhausting physical and emotionality.  
I would like help to Juan to feel better, and avoid this situation to him. But, I can’t!
I don’t understand the life, and I don’t love it a lot. But still, I’m live, and the better way for me is try to live good… only it.
What is live good????
Difficult question sometimes… Nevertheless, now is so easy for me. Live good is a relax life, without fear… only this. That is no enough to avoid difficult and common situations, with relax lifestyle I cannot avoid the big pain that Juan have today, or this difficult situation. But, I don’t want a perfect life! I only want to hold to Juan in this moment without fear about someone stealing my car or attack us.
I feel sad. But, the most difficult in this situation was Juan could not, stay with his family and cry and hold them because we had to be doing a lot of requirements during 22 hours, to say good bye her aunt.
Why is all so difficult?
For this reason, to me, live good is having a relax-lifestyle.
See you tomorrow.