Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thinking about Osama death.

Today was died a terrible person, a person who killed a lot of people in a big terrorist attack, and who did another sadness situations during some years.  Possible a sociopath person, with terrible mental illness, a person who should be in jail long time ago and receiving mental support because his metal disorder.    

Whatever, I think people are free to be happy about whatever they want. But I think, the government has a biggest responsibility adobe people and this speech was a way to call hate and war.

In my opinion, if Obama is happy about this situation, is ok, but he should not say it! He should say: all human lost is a sad situation, he died in military operation, we are not happy about it; we cannot forget all people died in 11 September, but we hope he can rest in peace. Please, remember a person is died we don’t have reason to be happy, go to home.

I think, he is looking for his reelection and is possible he have archived it, but I think this speech could be pay with a lot of human life, is possible with Obama life.

I think, the governments should be responsible of their words, and never and ever say to people is ok to kill, they should remember the people have a better way to solvent this kind of problems, and for this exist the justice, the lay, etc.

I understand the happiness in the people, but not the irresponsible reaction in USA president.

After this speech, how can the government to say the violence is not a good way to solvent the problems in the world, In the house In the school, etc?

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