Sunday, 26 August 2012

Task 2

Nowadays people becoming parents later in life. Some think it is not a good development for the family and for the country. Do you agree or disagree with it? Give your own opinion.

275 words, 30 minutes (after self corrections)

Presently, some people get used to having children older than in the past; there are different opinions about this situation, a group support the idea that it has more downside than positive effects for families and consequently, for societies, while other disagree with this point of view. That is why, it is an essential issue which deserves a deep down evaluation before offering an opinion.

Ancient societies tended to have younger parents for many reasons, such as in the past people lived shorter than nowadays and there were not contra conceptive methods. So, those cultures were very young and frequently parents and children were adults at the same time, having a chance to share some good experiences. Moreover, some experts believe that it is better to have children in the 20s decade because people are more energetic and healthier.

On the other hand, these days people live longer, and they have more time to become economic stable, reach professional satisfactory and start a family. Even if, it may be very funny to be 27 and have a 10 years old child, it is very complicated to be a teen parent and teach the ropes to a baby when father or mother is still a child. So, in modern societies, it is quite common that partners make the decision to become parents when they have a wide range of needs solve and they feel ready to take care of someone else.

In conclusion, from my point of view, it is natural that now people have children older than in the past, and it is not necessarily better or wrong, it is a result of our new lifestyle.


  1. "Presently, some people get used to having children older than in the past..." (Algunas personas se acostumbran/están acostumbradas a tener hijos más viejos que en el pasado).

    Bueno, no sé si quieres una crítica, pero con mucho respeto y creyendo que puedo colaborar en algo te sugeriría algo así como un are getting used to the idea of XXX o un are postponing/delaying XXX o simplemente un some people are having children at later ages than...

    Qué fino a donde vas. ¡Espero que pases ese examen con nota de sobra para que estés pronto allá!


  2. querida sim, claro que puedes criticar y comentar lo que quieras, para eso es el blog (aunque esta abandonado), pero "get used to" es una forma gramatical que se usa para decir que la gente se esta acostumbrando a hacer algo, cuando quieres decir que esta acostumbrada se dice "(be) used to" la palabra que viene luego de cualquiera de las dos expresiones lleva ing como norma.

    ¡Qué fino! No sabía. Pensé que tendría que escribirse de la otra manera. ¡GRacias, Tahi! :D