Thursday, 16 August 2012

Task 2

Some ex-prisoners commit crimes after being released from the prison. What do you think is the cause? How can it be solved?

269 words, 33 minutes (after self corrections)

Ex-convicts are very big social problems, because some of them tend to continue having illegal behaviors after leave jails. It does not only affect their victims, it has consequences in the whole society, becoming them in a public trouble which needs facing. That is why, it is essential analyze this point deeply before offering an opinion.

Every society has criminal people who disturb the daily life in their environment.  Moreover, it is quite common that after antisocial ones go out to prison, they are used to making crimes again, in most of cases they are worse than the previous ones. Many countries are looking for solving this issue; they have tried to teach them new activities in order to help ex-prisoners to become part of the workforce and more productive in general. However, even if some of them have achieved in this goal, others do not.

From my point of view, it is because of criminal people are not just bad persons, they are mental illness ones, they have problems in both to follow rules and feel interest in others; so they do not only need to learn a new kind of job, they need to have mental help as well. Governments should treat them as sick people and offer them global interventions.

In conclusion, it is a very serious social problem; because nobody has the correct answer neither the complete solution, but it is possible that giving to ex-convicts general help such as medical, mental and labor tools, they may be better people in the future and have wider range of option to become productive parts of society.

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