Thursday, 7 November 2013

I am here

Hello everybody, I am back after long time. I am about to give you a brief explanation about what have been happened all this time, since the very beginning for my new readers.

As many of you know, I made the decision to move to New Zealand more than three years ago. This has been a long way to go. I thought that the hardest part would be to find a job there or even to have money enough to move from one place to another. I was completely wrong. The most difficult step has been to achieve enough score in the IELTS test.

But, what have I been doing these three years? Well, all kind of things… I left Caracas and all the important things I had there. The most painful part was left my patients, because I had done a nice job with them for long time, and I had to stop that work to take care of other business. I spent a year without working just focus on studying English. That was a nice time. Even if I have not been able to reach 7.5 in the IELTS test yet, I learn to much that year. Then we (my husband and I) made the decision to move to Mérida while I get success in the test. Mérida is the most beautiful place in this country with the highest lifestyle which is still too low, but it is the highest possible one here.

I have spent one year and three months here.  This has been a good time. I have been working and studying. Further, I have grown up a lot, this place has given me the opportunity to think deeply about several issues, I believe I am a nicer person now. I am happy about that. However, I sometimes feel that I am at the same point: trying to achieve 7.5 in the fucking IELTS!

I have sailing throughout all possible emotions this time: I have felt hopeful, hopeless, happy, sad, disappointed… but the most difficult feeling to deal with has been to feel that my life is stopped inside a jail named Venezuela whose only possible outlet pass is finding a 7.5 in the Academic IELTS test…

I took the test in September 7th. I have done it twice. I hope to do a better job the next time and continue my life.

So, the next question: why I am writing here again? Well, from my point of view, the real question is: why I stopped to writing here?, and the answer is: I felt ashamed. I was embarrassed to spent too much time to go over a test, and that was why I didn’t continue publishing my things here. Today, I have changed my mind, I have nothing to be ashamed. Having enough mark in the IELTS test is not a easy task, what is more, to be able of continue trying and having clear the goal is something remarkable from my view. So, I am not happy to be in this point now, but I am proud of never abandon my dreams.

So here I am. I will try to write as much as possible again and keep this blog update. Thank to everyone who was continued visiting my site even if I stopped writing.

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