Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Today in the bank

Today: I was in the Bank with my knee’s  immobilizer waiting for my turn when a little kid start hit my leg (I understand he had curiosity with my immobilizer) then, in the beginning I looked his mom, and she didn’t anything, so the boy continued hitting me (I felt pain because I have a problem in my knee and need a surgery).

The grandma of kid explain his that hit me pain me, then the mom said: don’t say it, because he hit her more if you say that; evidently the kid hit me again! Then I lost the patience and said her: if he hit me again, I’ll hit you (I didn’t yell, but was strong as all people know me know I can be).

She was out of her mind yelling me: hit me! You aren’t more woman than me, and the grandma: he is a boy, you should understand he can do whatever he want! They were mad! I said, she should have control above the kid, the kid is hurting me, and they insisted he is a kid and can do whatever he want and I was abusing them.

Then, arrived the sub gerent of the bank and said them should calm and have a gesture of complicity with her eye toward me (in this moment the mom was up and red, while I was down in the chair) and then I was attended (was my turn) while they were insulting me.

I thought, this kind of mother are forming the future thugs, she taught him, he can do whatever bad thing he want and she will defend him without correct his behavior.  

I thought, if a child of mine hit someone (sick or not) I would death of shame, offer apologize y would not be a second time of it.

Them, I understand again, the reason because this country is so bad, and why I want to go to other side of the world.

When I arrived home, I tell it to my NZ’s friend, and she questions me: how the mom allowed it!! What shame! For this reason you should come here as soon as you can!

In this moment, I remembered the madness is cultural, and each people should find the place of world where his madness is normal behavior, I am out place here! By me is not possible understand a mom permitting her son hit someone sick and late be angry when the people claim her.

I am thinking, I should not said her I’ll hit her (because I cannot do it between another reason), but, how do you act when someone is attack you??? They are attack me (actively the boy and passively the mom) more than three times and I should be lovely and friendlily with her??? I should say: excuse me, could you avoid your kid hurt me?. That is not evident? Should she not know it? Is not evident that the work of her is teaching her son respect the people and be considered in some situation?

For this kind of things, I am definitely in the wrong 
place of the world.

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