Friday, 12 August 2011

offering my apologies

I’m in this place where I grew, this place is no cozy; but when I grew I went of here, and during this time I have learned to cozy to myself wherever I be.  Now, I’m only a tourist in this space of world… thank God is in this way! I can see this place and remember my time here, but is only part of my past is not my present. Thank God is in this way!

Yesterday, I knew that a person of my past is dead, I’m sad, but I’m sad in my memory, not in my present. Anyway, this death have been the opportunity to think about some stupid thought I have had.

Each person have a way to see the life and God, a lot of them select or receive a religion to walk this road. Religions are a common road to go to God, a lot of times I have said is stupid to go to God in the road of another person; or is bad to accept all things of a religion. But now I’m asking myself: how am I to say it?

My real opinion is the road to go to God is free and each one have the option to go in a common or personal way; I feel sadness to person that be part of a religions and it is only stole their money; but in the deep down if this people need pay to find their road to God, why is it bad?

Anyway, in my opinion, the better way to go God is the way to help yourself to find the connection you need with God.

Today I offer my apologize to all people I have had to felt insulted for their religions, and offer my apologize to myself to be so stupid and to have said stupid thing in incoherence with my way to see the life.

I don’t like some religions, but I don’t have the universal true, and I think if all of us are here together is because we can live together and be part of the humanity life.

I am grateful with the life and God to always offer a new chance to think and change the opinion or attitude. Thank God because always the next day the sun rises.

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