Sunday, 7 August 2011

Reason because people frequently say all past time was better.

Each of us is the result of a lot of variables (genetics, experiences, situation, etc) and memories are a very important one.  Around our life, we live a lot of things since we born, and we have reasons to remember something and not another. For example, when we born is a very difficult moment, the world change and we are absolutely unable to live without other person; try a moment to think how would you feel is you cannot walk, talk, take decision, sphincter control… now is easy to understand why when human born have not their brain ready and we cannot remember this time.

Anyway, we are growing and our brain abilities with us. Difficult experiences are most easy to remember for normal people; but the life are moments and is too hard to live carrying each moment exactly the way you lived it.

Some people use a lot of defence mechanism, for example, some people forgot all experiences (because they cannot live with their difficult moment), in this way they don’t need faced the difficult emotion, but have a big price, because If you giving up your bad memories, the brain is unable to have a discrimination and forget all memory, and life of this kind people is empty. Others people use another defence mechanism…

Whatever, your emotions (bad and good) are inside you! And is necessary to elaborate them inside you, to can live with them in peace, harmony, and quiet.

When people achieve it, they usually remember the past as better moment, because bad experiences have not importance, and you only can remember the good part. For example, people could remember  the adolescence like the better moment on their life;  when you have around 35 years old, you can remember only good moments in your teen ages, you  remember your best friend, your adventures, your sex experiences, etc; in this moment isn’t easy remember the rain of uncontrollable emotions you have in this time, all frustration, all pains, all difficult situation, in the present that memories aren’t important, people need to elaborate the difficult moments and make it supportable experiences to can continues their life.

        Anyway, is important to know, it is only a elaborate process, because each moment have good and bad experience. If you forget it, you could always think the past time always was better… But in the real life, each moment you have the opportunity to development yourself, and take own decisions, and is possible, if you are honest with yourself, you have better moment now than the past… Although present moment have problems or pains too.

        Remember, the past is a time that only exists in our memories, in this place we keep part of our history, but around the time each people transform their memories and it have differences ways. Is your decision what way you take for your memories and for your present and future.

        In the life have a lot of thing you cannot choice, for example, parents, country, family, etc. but have a lot of things you can choice, and if you are able to take honest choices with yourself, the present and future will be better than the past because are your decision, your responsibility and exactly the result of your actions.

        Some moment are transition to another, frequently they are difficult moment, but you can choice if you live crying for all thing you are lost or with hopeful for the new moment that you are preparing yourself to live. Depend this decision the way will take your life….

        The life is in your hand, and each event is only part of the process, need you thought, your feelings. Some moment are very very hard, painful, but is your decision the way you take then.

        For this reason, if you think: all past time was better, is possible you are needing help to make you responsible of your life, or maybe you are deciding don’t take decision in harmony with yourself.

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