Friday, 29 July 2011

Starting the final part of my transition process

I’m observing my future with clean eyes, my eyes are clean, relaxed, safe and quieted, watching the way my new life will start.

I’m in transition moment of my life; I finished all important things here but I am in Venezuela still, preparing myself to discover a new world, and a new way to see the life.

I’m listening my husband music, smelling this place, looking around me… I’m in this place, waiting for the first day of the rest of my life

I’m waiting the day I can renounce to my wings and to walk quiet in the place will be my home.

This week I finished with my patients and all other work activities, now I’m 
here but as in stop moment, waiting the next moment to know my new life.

I want to see with some friends and family, in special with my lil bro, it is my work now, while are all ready to go to NZ.

Is difficult to say another thing, because this moment isn’t too intense, this moment is quiet wait by the next… is the final part of my transition process.

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