Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sean’s story.

Note: This isn´t my better story, but is my first English story, I read a NG article and selected the new word I didn’t know and write this story using its. The bold words are the new vocabulary I’m using.

Sean’s story.

I was sailing in my vessel with my best friend Sean the behemoth, he was as tall as willow and strong as its stalk, he always wanted to be beautiful, but the sad reality was, his face looked like chunks of shrimps bad plucked, with a ugly green ribbons in his cheeks like old carrot. Each morning, he wake up and take a shower to smell less terrible, but he had a bladder problem and each half hours he wetting up in his pants, and it didn’t help his smell. Pour Sean...

Around 8 pm, each night I listened him crying in a nooks, he tossed his head was terrible time, I knew he was tugging a deep pain, he won’t never have a girlfriend, or be a normal part of the society, I think, I was his only friend in that moment

He didn’t have memory about his parents or family. An old woman told him long ago, a night she listened something like a snap of crab claws then some steps very quick during some seconds until lost in the darkness. While listened a strong flutter and the bird was screeching.

She was feeling fear, take her hull, and went out; found something like a egg with hair bad waxing, as someone had grinded with stone; in the street some traces like ugly and weird jig. She knew someone or maybe something should be hiding She didn’t want to know what

Some day ago, she was walking and fund Sean, ugly, dirty, smell funny in terrible situation. She felt fear in the beginning, but he looked hungry, and like a giant baby. She thought be rich with him, she thought was riveting found Sean and sell him. Sean understood her intentions and pouted water in the woman and run as far as he was able. Some years late he returned this village and she told him exactly this.

Anyway, he was my best friend. We had 3 years in my bounce, possible we know the entire world in this moment. I felt he was my Jacks, because I have had a lot of lucky near him.

An evening, I saw earth, and near to the beach some animals, but my attention was in his staghorn. We decided go to this island, and know this animal, but never and ever met them again. Was a very weird place, but really beautiful, with biggest trees, wonderful flowers, colorful animal, and amazing fruits.

We went to the boulder to feel the wind and saw grow the tide. This island seemed to have a special armory when the things simply fluxed. I have the impression was not big, maybe 1000 kilometer square.

We decided sleep and returnee the next day to explore. We was talking in the ship deck looking the water surface when looked a beautiful fish, thin like a needle, and his colors was waning while he was moving, was weird, but in this moment something sound like the ship was broken, in fact the floor have a hollow, we didn’t have a spare, but Sean was a genius doing patch, and fixed the ship.  We were tired of, and went to sleep.

Next morning, we wake up early and went to explore, the sun glom was beautiful. Sean wore his news clothes, he was especially happy, I am sure, he didn’t know the reason, only he was feeling the situation.

We found special animals kind we didn’t see before, we was imprisoned. Near to the island heart we listened a lurid sound, like a menagerie, I wanted go out, but Sean taken my head and asked me continue.

He never asked anything, how I could say not?

I was fear paralyzed, but while we walked the sound was shifting, I could hear a sweet voice talking in unknown language that I didn´t understand. But Sean told me, he could understand and was his family saying he was in the house portal, he  was the elected to know the earth life and told them and they was waiting for him long ago.  I should did a biggest Endeavour to didn´t run or wet my pants. I was fear to be trapped.
Each step the sound was different, now I can listened something as a machine with big circle jagged moving around to another threading machine. Finally we found a biggest green blanket in carrot form; it was draping a big threshold.

Sean hugs me, and then explains he should go and never come back.

Now I am an old man, that was maybe 30 years ago, I have laid in a big city, have a family and limp my life as a sailor. But during around 10 year I was looking for this island, and never found. I have each Sean memory in my life, but I don’t have a picture or any friend who remember him Sometimes I asked me whether Sean was real or I am crazy. Sometimes I prefer not ask it to myself, because it isn’t my only weird story.

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