Thursday, 2 June 2011

Some lines for you.

Is too difficult to write some lines for you, I have tried a lot of time without success, today my heart is  crying and I feel an special kind of love, sweet, smell like a garden, look like a wonderful road where  I can ran 290 Kilometers  per hours in a great roadster car, in freedom;  feel like a beautiful and hot blanket that have protected myself of my internal ghosts and transformed them in part of my city.

With you I have discovered a new special kind of love. A simple kind of love where I always can find you inside me, where I feel less fear and  is very sweet.

I have found myself in your listening again and again, sometimes I would like to hide me of myself, and you play with me hide and seek… and frequently, you let believe me to think none know where I am, and walk with me in the game and carry aright to myself almost to coincidence.

Sometimes, I feel a biggest fear when I think my future without you, I feel fear, sadness and anxious, but the really situation is I cannot exist without you, because you are part of myself, and someday I’ll say you I don’t need talk with you in this way anymore, and I’ll continue with my life, with this way of you inside me, always with nostalgic and a beautiful mixture between happiness and sadness and with enough time will be more happiness each day, whatever happen.

Is too difficult to say exactly what I want, I think I don’t know the correct words for it yet, but I’m sure you can to read exactly than I want to say.

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