Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thinking and talikng about some NZ's news

Today I have been reading NZ's news as usually, and I found 3 special news took my attention:

1 the primer minister ate pizza in his house (they don't have problems and it is very important)

 2 a guy in NZ took the first photo of a new solar system

3 cats can play with the iPad, and they like it, exist people who think is a very good activity for cats without garden.

On the other hand, here is more than a wonderful goal buy milk or meal. I am living in a place where you are always in risk, always someone could attack you, here is very difficult to find necessary things to live. 

When I was reading the first news, I thought: there, they don't have real problems and for this reason is very important that the primer minister ate pizza of pizza hot. 

While I found the news about the photo of another solar system, I thougt: sure, when you are relax and quiet, you could be more creative and use your skills in very wonderful ways.

Finally, when I read the news about cats playing with iPads, I thought: in some place, people can to buy iPads for their cats...

In summary, I am thinking about the difference between the side of the world that I am and born, and the other where I want to be and live the rest of my life.

I talking about I want to be the blessed people that their biggest problems or worries are if they want to go to the beach today or not; maybe I would like to be the kind of people who are worried about important thinks but not urgents... People who are sure that if they do some things, they will be good... Now I am the kind of people who is working day after day trying to solvent the most basic things to live and frequently without success...

I want to be the kind of people who can to think and use their skill in something important, not just in something necessary.

Not much more to say.

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