Monday, 7 November 2011

Reason to study.(November 05, 2011)

Today I have been in Puerto la Cruz all day, it is a hot place, but here is my husband's family, and they are wonderful people. I feel very well with them, but the terrible weather is hard to hold during long time.

It is a beautiful place, but only talking about natural place, because the city is awful, and you just hear horrible music, people talking terrible, and frequently don't have water and light, or necessary things to eat.

We went to buy some medicines and spent around a hour waiting to pay it.

On the other hand, we went to buy "empanadas" to breakfast and I just could see people very poor, but I am not just talking about people without enough money to have necessary things to live, I am talking about to people poor in their mind, and without intention to live better. Woman how sells and make the "empanadas" is a old woman, and in that house lives around 12 people, with babies, children and adults; and kids don't have toys and they play with waste, and bigger children care the babies. Nobody have bought a floor (it is almost of earth) neither a roof (it is of zinc). Nevertheless, each time I have gone there, I have seen around 10 people waiting for their "empanadas". It is impossible to think this people are not be able to live better, in my opinion it is not the laking of money the reason they are poor, it is the lacking of progress idea.

After this thought, I just think that it is a country rich in natural resource, but very poor in development and lifestyle; it is exactly the same situation of the woman who sell and make "empanadas" here.

In this country, all year you can have whatever fruit you want; never you need to prepare yourself for difficult weather or others problems like those. It is possible, it easy situations is the reason people don't need to think and learn ways to development their life.

Here out of Caracas, with very warm weather and awful place, it is easy to understand the reason of people don't looking for better opportunities or development... I am very sad about all these things, and worried about collect all necessary things to go to live to NZ and become me a kiwi.

Some days ago, my husband tools me that when he was a teen, policeman fallen out his bag to prove if he was eggs to attack people in the streets, and he was walking and policemen could stop him and check his pockets and bag during long time just because was a teen and he could be a criminal.

Definitive I don't want that my kids neither my brother live that kind of experiences, I want to live in respect place where they have a worthy life. For this I am here, out of my city and with wonderful people, and I am just practicing English. Just because it is the way to go to better life.

See you soon.


  1. I don't mean to critize what you just wrote, cause it is valid to everyone to have their own minds and opinions, what i don't like about this post is the disparaging tone that you used to describe the way these people live and behave around their own pure enviroment, i'm actually from Venezuela, from Merida, and even thought i have never think like you (thank god), i also had some unfavorable criticism about my roots back in the day, now i'm overseas for almost 4 years, and i do miss those things i used to criticize and despise, why? cause now i'm more conscious about the way i love my country and i do appreciate those little things i've never noticed before, but that's something that you don't know now, cause i haven't lived outside those things you disown and hate, because once you'd loose them, then you'll be able to accept them they way they just are. But maybe you won't get it cause you're in denial. Good Luck!

    PS: This post says a lot of the hell about how unethical and unprofessional you are. Bye! OC

  2. Hola orge, solo tengo algunas preguntas: por que si eres de Venezuela no me escribes en español? Segundo, por que si amas tanto tu país te fuiste de el?

  3. Hey first of all i thought the purpose of all of "this" was to practice some english, or to show off, something you should probably get better on, second of all i'm just overseas because of my studies, but i'll be back soon to start to work for our country and not running away from it!