Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My English Teacher

Today I want to talk about my English teacher.

First I want to say thank you to him! During these 6 weeks studying with his helps I have improved more quickly than in a year studying alone. This time has been very productive and funny!

He is a very weird man, but not bad, just funny and happy, he is like a free butterfly, but when you talk with him, you discover a smart and sensible person able to talk about anything and understand different kind of see the world.

He is respectful of others, still if he is thinking you are a very stupid person.

His cat is named "chuchito" because is a tropical cat; but still, he is not able yet to say "chuchito" correctly. It is very striking for me, because he is a British man, he is able to speak Spanish with difficult (but he is able to understand all people) and he is able to understand the problem of this country and he is not in agree of a lot of things here; but anyway, his cat is named "chuchito" also he cannot say it correctly.

He is a persona able to enjoy littler things in the life meanwhile his is doing necessary things to live as better as is possible.

He looks like a man in his 20s, but he is almost 40... I think because if you are relaxed and happy you look like that.

He goes to Guarico all Sunday, I cannot understand the reason, maybe he could say me: because it is the paradise. I cannot understand yet, but I am able to respect each kind of madness, in special because he is absolutely respectful with my madness.

He loves chicha, maybe it is the easiest thing to understand when I think about him. All people should love chicha!

Thank you my dear teacher to teach me English and to give me the opportunity to know a wonderful people like you!

It is all today.

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