Monday, 31 October 2011

Learning some words for the IELTS. Bored but important post.

Today I will write about new words found studying for the IELTS. I hope it will be a creative and funny experience while I try to learn the new vocabulary. I will show you some words and try to write something interesting about it.
1)   Flint: this word talks about a strong stone or maybe something very hard. I am not sure what is the difference between a strong stone and stone, because majority stones are strong; anyway for the IELTS maker is very important the different. On the other hand, could you say: “I need a flint to break my nut”. I am not sure, but if the dictionary explanation is ok, you could. Why? I don’t know, maybe to remember the word and achieve good score for the IELTS.
2)  Leap: it is exactly like jump, don’t exist difference between the meanings of both words. In his case is same to say: I want to jump or I want to leap. Anyway, I think that leap is better word if you want to talk about things changed their normal ways; for example: IPAD will be part of an important leap in the technology development.
3)  Enhance: my favorite way to understand this word is like “make greater” or maybe emboss. For example: Your blue t-shirt enhances your eyes. On the other hand, emboss is better word if you want to talk about a thing with difference in its surface. You are enhancing someone when you are talking about her/his good things, like skills, beauty and abilities.
4)  Lightning: It is a word that talks about moment with good light, but not specific light as sunlight or bulb light; talk about mental or artist moment of light too. For example: “during the Renaissance the world had an artistic lightning and it carries the humanity to an important leap in our art history”.
5)  Brisk: it is exactly like energy, and you can use it in the same way; for example: “to do that you need to move the spoon briskly”.  If you speak Spanish as mother tongue (I think) is better to say brisk than energetic in the IELTS, because the translation to energetic is very same in Spanish, you have the chance to look striking (I will explain this word too) with your examiner.
6)  Wrapping: it is a word very similar than cover, but cover is just over the thing, while wrapping is around. For example: “remember wrapping the packet before send it”
7) Vears: it is another weird word for the IELTS and is impossible to me understand its importance; it meaning is: YEARS of. For example, is exactly same to say:  “5 vears love or 5 love’s year”. I don’t understand, but when I remember the IELTS importance on my life, I want to use vears frequently.
8)   Striking: it is like awesome, maybe to make that someone pay special attention to you. It is the situation when something is so awesome than you cannot avoid to see it. For example: yellow is a striking color; or She is striking smart.
9)   Lit: it is when someone r something have been lightning. For example: “the bed was lit when she opened the window” Dictionary says that lit is the past preterit of the light when this word is talking about lightning. LOL it is a good word and most important: have a meaning!
10)                     Remainder: it is like residue. When something is over but still has something parts; for example: when you sell part of the computer but some cables are still with you and you know that you will not be able to sell it, it is the remainder.
11)                     Hazardous: very complicate word to spell and remember. What could be its meaning? It should be a very important word, with special meaning…. But I don’t think so… Hazardous is Dangerous… Hazardous is Dangerous…. Well, now learn this difficult word and remember: exist another word with same meaning, but I need to know it to have good score for the IELTS. Example: Don’t learn that stupid word could be hazardous/ dangerous to me!
12)                    Resembling: another difficult word with simple meaning: LIKE. Example: “she is like her dad” or “She is resembling her dad”. I hope her dad was like a woman. LOL. Well thank IELTS to force me to learn another stupid word that maybe few Anglophone people know.
13)                    Fumes: it is smoke. I cannot to say nothing new or good about it.
14)                    Lagged: it is when someone cannot do something in the good time and is slow. For example: if you cannot register yourself in the University in good time, you could say: “I am lagged in this process”.
15)                    Brewery: it is a place where beers are made. For example: In Venezuela, Polar is the biggest brewery.
16)                    Afterglow: it is like radiance in evening, to be more specific to the twilight. For example: “ I love the afterglow in the beach”
17)                   Smoldering: it is when something is burning slow. I have no idea of an example.
18)                     Widespread: it is when something is very wide or extended. For example: “this activity has been widespread more t5han I thought in the beginning”.
19)                     Airtight: it is when something is so close and nothing could penetrate inside it. For example: she has a airtight mind.
20)                    Lacking: when you don’t have enough of something you are lacking of it. For example: “he is bad kid because he is lacking of love” Sad word but very important one.
21)                    Breeding: it is hard to explain, let me see…. It could be when you are helping to someone to grow up and to be a good person; but it is (too) the name for the children of people or animal. For example: “this baby lion is the breeding of that bigger lion.
22)                   Onwards: it is like forward. For example: “try to go onwards.
23)                   Buzzword: it is a word that now all people want to use, is like a fashion word. For example: in the technology vocabulary, now buzzword is friendly.
Well, I am so tired; it is the better job I can do today. But if you have better meanings for me I will be happy to receive it.
Good night.

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