Friday, 2 December 2011

November 30, 2011

Today after two months and 17 classes I closed with the Ruge English course. It had a good and nutritive time. I learned a lot English's things and was great to know my teacher.

During this time I have felt that I learn quick and at other moment I have felt I am stupid person and I won't learn English never ever.

Anyway I have improved and I think I am writing better, and I have less grammatical mistake when I am talking. I guess it will affect my general English level.

On the other hand, I have improved my fluency and now, I don't feel embarrassed to speak in English. Yet I know, I am not talking good, I am always ready to speak anyway. My listening has improved a lot, and I have had conversation in English with my teacher.

It has been a good time for my English and I am happy about it.

My teacher has force of me to abandon the American accent and now I am trying to speak more clear and to pronounce better letter like: t, s, thr.

I have three English classes in the British Council, it is absolutely different place, but I am very happy too.

I think I need people that want speak English with me, and in this way I will improve quickly.

I believe could be easy to find it in the British Council with my partner, because there people are very engagement with their English learning and they do an effort to improve, in my opinion it is one of the biggest different from British Council and Ruge.

Well, in the British I don’t have personal attention.

Now my goal is learn quickly and to try to jump some British Council levels, for this reason I am studying with the books.

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