Saturday, 21 April 2012

Task 2

5:52- 6:21 (29 minute)
Men and women employed in full-time jobs have to share evenly household chores and caring for children at home. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Around the world employed time in people is raising, both in men a women; it has changed the old way to divide housework and take care of children in modern family. Nowadays, it is common partner who work full-time tends to share home obligations in same way; so it is changing women and men role at home.

In the past, women job was care children and maintain clean house; meanwhile, men went out to work, and they did not participate amply breeding children, neither house cleaning activities. In some countries, it is same at the past even though couple goes out work long time or the same hours per week.

Nevertheless, it is common that professional people and middle class couple are raising a similar distribution of house duties. In my opinion, it is necessary that both (women and men) take same responsibilities in their children breeding and house, if they have took same responsibilities in economic support working out.

It is easy to find some cultures do not agree with it; there exists a lot of “reasons” such as religion, manner or whatever; anyway, society is developing, and it is necessary accept change and new ideas which depend on new needs of people and their lifestyle.

On the other hand, part of these changes are affecting children because parents are not expending enough time with them, and they are feeling alone and sad. It is an important problem, and in my point of view, the only ways to change it is taking care of free time and organize appropriately to rest, share with children and maintain the house in good shape.

In the final analysis, I agree with this statement, and I think that the only way to keep harmony in modern family is sharing in same way the house activities both in women and men.

Note: I sent it to my new teacher; her answered (I think that she thought I am mentally retarded... maybe she is right, lol):

Hi Tahiri
I have read your essay and obviously there are some errors that we have to talk about but with the essay in front, for that reason I prefer not to send you it so that you do not feel bad. It is normal that at first students do not know how to organize ideas, how to avoid being repetitive, and make a good use of grammar and structures but that is why you have decided to prepare yourself with enough time to correct all those things.

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