Sunday, 29 April 2012

Task 2.

Television has the biggest impact on our life because it is the most popular way of getting information. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, television is part of people normal life, either refrigeration, table or pets. It is a very common way to spend free time, find news, music, funny programs, educative programs, etc. In fact, it has been a big influence in people´s life, and a popular form to keep in touch with news.

Television appeared around 60 years ago; before it, people have two main ways to keep informed: newspapers, and mouth to mouth news. The problem of the first one was that not all people were able to read, and they depended on a reader to know what was happening in the world. Meanwhile the second problem was that no all news which people said was true; so television was a solution for both.

Furthermore, on television was possible to find different programs, and people started to enjoy funny shows in different ways as wella as other topics. In the recent past (around 15 years ago), television was the most popular leisure activity, and way to find news, either global or local news.

On the other hand, in the present exists a lot of different technological ways to find information, and spend your leisure time; for instance, at the moment people tend to look for news on Internet, where it is easy to find news in real time. These new technological developments have opened new doors to keep informed, and spend your lazy time. Now television is not such popular than it was in the past.

In conclusion, I do not agree with this statement, because in my personal experience people used to watch television, but it is not as popular as others technological devices.

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