Friday, 1 June 2012

Task 1

 150 words. 19 minutes (after self corrections)

The couple of illustrations below show the process used to produce electricity from wave power.

There is a cliff over the ocean floor which has a structure in a diagonal position. It is compounded by three elements: a chamber (it is the biggest part), turbine (into the column) and vertical long column.

First, waves arrive into the chamber and the air pushed it in the rest of the structure; then the water in the process to raise meet with the turbine that produces electricity while water is reaching the peak of the column.

After that, water starts the process to come back to the ocean, but when it faces the turbine again, more electricity is generated. Finally, air sucked out water to the seas. It is a cycle.

Summarizing, it looks as an easy process to produce electricity in an environmental way without make an important disturbs into the ambient.

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