Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Task 1

173 words, 26 minutes (after self correction)

The chart below is about the group of people who did not have a job during a period of seven years (between March 1993 and March 1999) in the United State and Japan.

In the first stage, the rates of unemployment were dramatically different in the US from Japan; there has 4% more people without any kind of work in the US than in Japan (7% in the US and 3% in Japan).

Nevertheless, the amount of unemployed people in the United State was decreasing slowly and with some fluctuation; at the same time, in Japan happened exactly the contrary. Consequently, in the last period, both of countries had the same proportion as people who were not working; it was around 5% of the workforce unemployed in March 1999 for those nations.

Summarizing, those countries began with a high level of difference in the percentage of people who had not a job (4%), but after 7 years this rate was changing and they finished the term with similar proportion of people without work.

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