Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Task 1

154 words, 26 minutes (after self corrections)

The chart below is about the percentage of different types of families which lived in poor conditions in Australia in 1999.

Elderly people had the fewest amount of poverty, in both cases, single and couple. Only between 4% to 6% f them lived below the poverty line.

Otherwise, single people in all cases (senior citizens, no children and children families) were who showed the highest levels of poorness there n that year; moreover, those who had children alone were the poorest ones (21%) in comparison with the rest categories.

Couples with children or without them were poorer than old people in general, but significantly less poor than those who lived alone.

Summarizing, in Australia 11% of population had low standard of living in 1999, and most of them are single with children or without them; elderly people were who reached better living condition in this study followed by couples without children and with them.

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