Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Task 2

279 words, 31 minutes (after self correction)

Around the world, there are happening lots of important events every second, people need to know about those in order to develop opinions and have the opportunity to take care about some important issues to them. Nowadays, media is the main way to run information, but there are many different types of it; it is essential to evaluate which of those are better and why.

Television is maybe the most popular resource of convey news in these days; some obvious benefits of TV are that it is easy to use; people do not need to make any effort to utilize it. They just turn on and watch it; moreover, in general, information on TV is clear and with wide range of opinions. The downside is that TV’s news are about global information and people do not have a chance to find news related to their community.

On the other hand, radio has the same good points, but everybody can locate local information there. However, anything is perfect, and in this case, this kind of media face a big problem, because sometimes the signal works bad and it does not sound as well as people would like to listen to it.

Finally, comics are very interesting tool to offer news, because they tend to be very critic with events; they help people to think deeply in some trouble and encourage them to read more in order to build a clear opinion.

In brief, all forms of media give to people different types to have information and develop opinion over them; from my point of view, any of them is better than other, they are just distinct and for diverse situations.

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