Sunday, 6 May 2012

Task 1

The graph below talks about amount of people who did not know to read either write in the year 2000, distributed by region and gender. 

It shows that in Developed Countries had little percentage of people who were illiteracy, and it is a little more women than men (around 1%).

In America/Caribbean had around 10% illiteracy man and 11% of women; while in East Asia/Oceania the difference between genders was bigger (9% men and 20% women).

This stat indicate that the places when were largest range of illiteracy people were Sub-Sahara Africa, Arabs States and South Asia. The first had a few more than 30% of men, and almost the half of women population as people who cannot read and write. The second shows around 30% of men and more than fifty percent of women. The last one had the highest range of illiteracy people (around 35% of men and almost 60% of women).

It is possible to appreciate that in these regions were more women illiteracy than men, and there are high differences between places.

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