Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Task 2

E-mail has had a huge impact on professional and social communication, but this impact has been negative as well as positive.
Do the disadvantages of using e-mail outweigh the advantages?

275 words, 31 minutes (after self corrections)

Under the last 15 years, the use of e-mail has rose greatly, both in working association and social communication; it tool has change the way to contact people and build some relationships. Any new element in people’s lives brings some drawback and obvious benefit. It is essential to make a deep analysis of this.

Some people claim that e-mails have become relationships weaker and superficial, because anybody feels commitments with a virtual touch. Moreover, they argue now people do not express their feelings because they just send a computer presentation, written for an unknown person to say hello or I love you. From this opinion, some clear negative effects of e-mail are people became less romantic, they forget how to write without a keyboard, business are less serious, etc.

On the other hand, there are lots of arguments in favor of e-mail use. From my point of view, e-mail is an answer of fast communication people needs. The world has changed as well as our requirements; consequently we needed to develop new instruments to keep in touch or work. A good point of e-mail is it solves those situations.

Furthermore it is not an e-mail fault either some people do not want to be close to their family or friends and they decide never write a personal letter, or entrepreneurs are unreliable. Those issues have always existed and will always exist with e-mail or without it.

 In conclusion, new tools bring new worries, but it is fundamental to think about their advantages and disadvantages before giving an opinion. For instance, e-mail cans look as bad thing; however it has more positive aspects than downside.

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