Friday, 25 May 2012

Task 1

21 minutes, 168 words.

The diagram below illustrates the difference of state in the Pacific between normal conditions and with El Niño surroundings.

During normal conditions it is possible to find in West Pacific weak winds, storm clouds and rain, warm water streams. Countries in that side of world experiment important rains. While at the same time in East Pacific are strong winds, cool water with rich nutrients; consequently, there are a sunny time with lots of fishes.

On the other hand, El Niño bring many differences, in West Pacific the wind become strong, warm water change its direction to east, and in countries close to there weather is sunny; whereas East Pacific receive weak winds, level of cool water is lower and water has poor nutrients; in this conditions, countries such as Peru has lot of raining and less fishes. Moreover, strong clouds and rain move on to the middle of the ocean.

El Niño is a phenomenon which makes important changes over Pacific Ocean in a wide range of elements.

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