Monday, 21 May 2012

Task 2

Many people believe that high levels of violence in films today are causing serious social problems.

What are these problems and how could they be reduced?

33 minutes, 273 words.

Presently movies have become more and more violent; consequently both people and society are changing; so it is causing lost of social troubles which are affecting all of us. It is necessary to discuss about them, and look for some solution to these situations.

From my point of view, the biggest problem caused by violence films is that people are moving their borders respect to violence behavior; it is becoming people less respectful with other, and step by step society accepts those changes as a natural way to link. To illustrate this idea, it is easy to remember short time ago when television used to show often fight between siblings, and children became more violence with their brothers and sisters; that was why they felt that kind of relationship was normal and acceptable.

Furthermore, movies are in general a reflection of society but not in a single way, it is a dialectic relationship; as well as society is more violence, movies show that, but when people who are watching TV receive aggressive films, they become more aggressive.

It is a hard problem to face because anybody can neither have to control which kind of program people watch at TV, However, it is possible to protect people of violence with education. Government should encourage people to be well educated and they will start to choose better films, improving society and decreasing these kind of social problems.

In conclusion, violence movies affect people but it is a reflect of them; then it is essential that leaders promote that people study and improve their education because it is the best way to solvent those social troubles.

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