Friday, 25 May 2012

Task 2

Some believe elderly people should live in nursing homes, others think they should live with the youngest family members. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

        Old ages bring new worries and situation which are difficult to face for senior citizens and their families. Sometime the solutions of those issues are that elderly people go to live to nursing homes; however, it is a hard point of view with controversial opinions. It is necessary to think deep down this situation before an opinion.

People who are in their 70s or more tend to need special kind of attention, because they have some health problems, as well as they become weaker. That is why they need a special attention of someone who be trained to help them and offer all important consideration that they require. Form this position, the best place for them is a nursing home.

On the other hand, they also need their families and lot of loving; moreover, they have built a life with decedents, so they deserve to be take care by them. Despise, sometimes younger people have many activities and they cannot give to their parents or grandparents all attendance that they need. It is possible that younger families love their elderly people, but they cannot take care of them.

Nowadays, there are new types of nursing homes which offer funny, care and healthy lifestyle to people in their old ages. Furthermore, there family can visit them and share a great time together. It sounds as the best solution of this circumstance.

In conclusion, nursing homes are the best place for senior citizens who need special cares, but it is essential that their families pay attention to them offering love and attendance.

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