Tuesday, 12 April 2011

About my knee

Five and half years ago, I had an accident in the subway. All my body fell above my knee, I felt a lot of pain, but my family didn’t pay attention me, 3 day latter I was to the doctor, he take me a RX and said I was ok, my knee was perfect. I felt a lot of pain and used brace on my knee for some months. I tried keep normal live during this time, but I needed change some things, for example my way of sit, or up stairs, etc.

A month ago the pains have been stronger and I can hardly walk. I was a doctor; he is my granddad’s cousin, and he saw me the first time and said I have a biggest wear on my kneecap and maybe a problem with my menisci and request me a MIR. I take my MIR as soon as was possible (a week later, but this country is very complicate), 4 days late I had my report, and my report said: my knee is perfect! I didn’t understand, the report is bad or I’m mad. I took it to my doctor, and he said is possible the report is bad, but anyway he tried know if my problem was another and injected me a very painful medicine. My knee was really swollen and next this injected was wrong!

(my knee)

Doctor said me, call me in two days, I want to study your MIR with my friend and we’ll take a decision with you.  I called him, and his friend didn’t go to work, I needed wait a week! I felt terrible and decided don’t go out my bed because me knee do terrible sounds and I felt pain a lot.

Today a week late, doctor said me: the report is bad and I have exactly that he said me the first time… I need a surgery…

I have been waiting 3 weeks for to know exactly the first DX.

That is my country! An emergency could wait infinite time by a mistake. Is not important a person is suffering because maybe someday could be better.

I have time knowing I need a new knee, but I wanted wait to live in NZ before do a surgery; but was impossible, and I’m living the normal things in this country but with a lot of pain.

Today, I’m quieter because I have a DX, but in this country have a DX is a biggest achievement. I’m tired simple things are an achievement.

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