Thursday, 7 April 2011

I need a friend in UK

In short time, I’m going to live in Auckland, and my life will be different, I hope I’ll have better lifestyle. We are doing some things to go in short time; but I have a problem. 

I have a wonderful doggy. She is beautiful, smart, obedient, and sweet. Anyway, in NZ don’t accept pets directly from Venezuela, they recommended me send my dog 6 months to other country and after send my dog to NZ as she was from this country. When she finally will arrive to NZ, she will be a months in alone place before meet with our.  But, if she is 6 months in UK, she could be the first months in home with us.

I think, it is a very difficult situation because, she is our baby, she is very good doggy and we love a lot; she is used to feel beloved and care; I think, she will be sad in the beginning when she will be with new people for 6 months, she could feel, we doesn’t love her and we gift to other people; but still, if she need stay a months alone, she could feel the other people doesn’t love her and she is a very bad dog.

I think would be better when she will arrive to NZ stay with us. For this reason, I need a friend in UK, a person who love dogs, want help us and be very involved with this situation.
You are reading me, I think because you feel empathy with my situation, if you could help me, I’ll be happy and our change will be easier.

If you could help me, you can write me to

If you want to know my dog, you could be her facebook friends, find her as Arwen Margarita and know her.

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