Friday, 8 April 2011


In 19 days I’ll have 4 years without see you, smell you, hug you… I remember this day, our conversation, your face, our space, this place between our when we was vibrating together. You hug me strong, with love, and we farewell… I didn’t know that was the last time, maybe you didn’t know neither.
The time is running and your memory is disappearing with its. I remember you, and when I remember you, I love you as in the past. But the next moment, the life continues and your memory is not present, maybe because you left the life before of time.
Today, I’m not the same person near to you, but you are not a person, none the past person and non person. You left the life and left all your things, thing have been finding a new roads and owners.
You left the life in a bad moment and didn’t know the next moment and you lost the better moment.
I love you, and sometimes I miss you. But your unlived is always a memory about is terrible stop the life in bad moment, because will loss the better moment.
We was vibrate together, but we won’t be together again in a place different than my heart.
Today, I can say you goodbye.

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