Friday, 8 April 2011

Another farawell, but not ready yet (in process)

I’m sad, I would like cry, but I can’t. I don’t understand the reason because you didn’t love me, why you was not able to accompany me and understand me; I don’t know the reason because you was not the people you said me. I have been several years waiting for you. But, you never come back.
I gave you my trust, my love, my thought, feel, self, unawake, my way to see the life, but you left me, and never called me or write me. You simply left me.
I have tried understanding you; I have fund excuse for you. Nevertheless, I don’t understand, you lied me, and I trust you.
My heart has been more than 4 years waiting by your letter or your call. Today, I understand, one part of my heart can’t fix because don’t want to left the expectation about you; don’t want to farewell of you and accept you won’t be never who I would like, you never won’t write me like you said me, you never won’t have the importance of things I gave you in my past.
I have continued my road, and learn new things about the world and myself. I’m happy with it, I have better things now, I am better person too. But you was part of my life, and I love you, I miss you. Today, I should say goodbye you and never an ever waiting by you.
Is not easy, I don’t like it. But is the way to fix this part of my heart that I have permitted keeps broken waiting by you. This part of my heart will be angry and disappointment, and won’t understand why I have permitted him wait a lot of time and now he won’t have anything different to disappointment.
Maybe in the past, I was not ready to be disappointment by you. Now I can accept it, and see you are good but not who I needed in that time.

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