Sunday, 3 April 2011

Only somewords.

Everyday I’m living normal things while I’m dreaming with the changer on my life. I dream with walk on street, play tennis, have new friends, new job, new house, new mood….

Sometimes, I think in short time, the everyday things will be only a memory, and my actually dream will be my new everyday things. I’ll discovery new things every day and will transformer myself with its.

Now, my knee is broken and I need a surgery, but, when it will be ready, I’ll find the way to go as English student in the beginning and late request my work visa.

I’ll miss some people, but I’m ready to say good bye them by have a good lifestyle.

Now, the street is really noise, people is upset all the time, they battle me and my life, the country battle me every moment.

I’m tired about it. And I know, it will be a new way and have difficult moments. But I’ m ready for it.

These beautiful landscapes are now only a violent place. I want to see new landscapes, new people, and new life! I want to discover new culture, new language, new smell and new lifestyle.

I want to have a normal family, with normal life!

I would like my bro can go to the street without fear, and can have a choice with freedom.

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