Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Some words for you

When I saw you the first time, I didn’t have butterflies in my stomach, but I wished you was exactly who you are.
You taught me about the love and feel someone is paying attention me each moment. With you, I have learned to live in different ways and see the life with new colors.
Our life together has had a lot of different colors and situation, and the inevitable thing have been grown.
In short time our live will start an important change; we will be able to do something we think we want. In this moment you and I will be a new concept, because our actual live will be only a memory, and the way we see the world will be new.
In short time, you will see me and find a person loving you, but changing. I’ll see you and will meet a wonderful man that you are, but in another life moment.
We will be able to live together the moment what always we were dream. Build a life like we want and have the space we have needed.
I love you. I love you as is possible by me. I have trust in you and for this reason I have had patience with you. Sometimes I think, we will never be like we want. But today, I can see the future near to me, I feel I can touch the future with my hand.
In short time, we will meet with the better thing we have been and we will be. 

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