Tuesday, 22 February 2011

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 Even Though globalization affects the world's economics in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss

There has a long been debate over the effects of economic globalization on the world, and how it have changed the way of the society.

This important process called globalization have had a lot of negative arguments but long group of persons; they talk about this process is destroying the small cultures and ethnic groups, and biggest countries can control small countries, and a lot of opinions like this.

However, in my opinion the global economic is a natural process and its behavior has a completely natural way; to be more precise, the natural way of life in our planet is frequently development and who is not able to adapt to will be disappear. This could sound terrible, but is real, during years the people have though they are responsible of animals or trees extinction, but still, I think, the human are not so powerful and during the planet life is normal that some kind of animals and trees disappear. I think, the global economic is like this, some culture could disappear but this is the natural process.

Furthermore, is normal that some countries are more powerful than other, but each country should decide whether they want development more or accept the control of other.

In the final analysis, in my opinion, the global economic development is not good or bad, is only a natural process with natural consequences, and the more stats possible prediction is that some countries shall be more strong and others more weak and with less opportunities, while the people will have the same way, strong people will have a better lifestyle and the weak people will have a poor lifestyle, same during the humanity history.

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