Monday, 21 February 2011

This morning,I didn't go to work

Well, I’m better, but I can’t stand Caracas, I don’t want go for anyplace here, is too difficult go out to work or anything, well, if the activity is not good do it is most difficult. For example, I love my patients, and go to see them is ok, I can do it, but my others job are so bored, and go out for this is so hard, sometime I can’t do it.
Really, today I feel very tired and a little sick, and I know me, if I was to work early, tomorrow I could be sick, but anyway, is very difficult to face the wild streets on Caracas for do unhappiness things… really difficult in fact!
This morning I woke up in my bed on 13 floor, but here I can hear a lot of noise, the cars, the building, the people breaking the street etc. I only want to be quiet, relax, and go out and can walk for the street without chaos and fear!
This morning I’m not working, but really I want work, but I can’t do it and stand this wild city and country.

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