Thursday, 24 February 2011

A beautiful and sad closing process

Today I feel like very good psychotherapeutic. More than 15 years ago, when I was pre-teenagers still, I was frequently dreaming with be psychologist someday! I waited 7 years for start the university and 3 and half years late I had my first patient; 1 and half year late I opened my private consult, with emotion, fear, expectations, dreams and without money or family support.  Today, 5 and half years late I’m closing with it, I can’t receive new patient and with the olds I’m working the close process.
I’m thinking about my patients  and their process, and I can see this had been, with important developments and elaboration process.
Some minutes ago, I attended the most difficult patient that I have had, and now, with more than 3 works year is a really different person! She have better lifestyle, but the most important is, She have could build an internal world and understand for control her internal conflict and debilities. In additional, she is able to have good relationship with others and think on their emotions or situations and have a good behavior with them.
On the other hand, sometimes I can see myself doing terrible mistakes, and still I have acting out with some patients or bad behaviors with them. I’m not forgetting it; but still, that is not all, also I can see how I have learned and development like psychotherapeutic and person with my patients. I have studied, found help, had mistake a lot, loss some patients, hurt some of them; but the next day (or the next moment sometimes) I have woke up again and continue trying.
In this days, I have patients since 1 to 5 work years,; and is easy to myself and they see how their life are different, and they are really different people! For me is easy see how I have grown with them and on my heart I say thank them every day for ever.
I love my career, and is not easy say good bye to my patients, but now, I’m sure we have did good work and I have helped them as was possible as myself. While, they have receive my effort and work in their life.
I have taken the best decision with my career, my work and my way of do it. Now, I have taken another big decision as difficult as the past, but with this experience I feel support on my decision power and is easy predict very good future.
Thank God by give me strength.
Thank myself by use it.
Thank life by give me opportunities.

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