Friday, 4 February 2011

Some days later

Some days ago, I was stressed and upset. I needed a break and relax. Well, I decreased the time of study and was a little relaxed. That was good, because I could think impotents things: 1) I’m not ready to have 7.5 in the IELTS on 5 March, 2) I’ll take this test again on May, and I could have more chance, 3) If I cannot have the necessary score on May, I could go to NZ to study English and after that I’ll might take the test and request my registration and work visa in NZ.
Now, I feel better. I continue studying every day, but I’m feeling happy, and in happiness is easier to learn anything.
On the other hand, I spoke with my patients about my migration and our next closing.  I feel better about it too, because they are elaborating the farewell, and I can understand this process. Furthermore, while they are elaborating, I’m doing it too.
I finished in the University, I closed with my students, I only should to give the scores the next week.
My documentation, are not ready yet, these process are to slow, but I´m working with those.
Today, I’ll be studying all of day.
See you soon.

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