Saturday, 26 February 2011

My letter for several organizations in NZ to offer my support

First, I could say you, I really sorry the consequences of this earthquake and I would like help you with this!
My Name is Tahirí Rojas, I am from Venezuela and I am clinical psychologist here.
I was planed go to NZ to live in short time, first to study English to refine the  language before request my register in the Board of Psychologist NZ (I have revised the requirement and I have everything that they ask for it). I had though go to Auckland on August (not before because I’m collecting my documentation) and study English for 6 month and late request the work visa and find work.
But now, the situation is really different!!! I’m very worry and sad about terrible emergency on Christchuch; and I’m asking me: who will offer psychologist support these people if they don’t have enough psychologists? I’m thinking about all of help that people will need with this terrible trouble. Well, my desire is not live or work in Christchuch, but with this disaster, I’m capable to go to this city for the necessary time of this place need me and later continue with my plan.
I feel able to help people during the crisis and accompany them enough time to be better and resume their life.  If you need my help I could be to NZ as soon as I have a temporal visa (my family could help me looking for the documentation not ready and send me in the future for continue with my plan when this situation be better). I think I only will need help with the language on the beginning, but I’m sure I have enough level of English for help the people on crisis and during this time I could improve in the language and then help the people for the most sensible troubles that they have.

Sorry! I almost forgot make a little introduction about me, and I think it could be important if you consider my offer: I am 28 years old, I am married, and studied 5 years for me License who Psychologist (with thesis) and 2 years for my degree like clinical psychologist (with thesis) I have 6 experiences years, I have been university professor, I have worked in my private consult during more than 5 years and with others institution the same time. My level English is intermediate but I need a lot of help with my listening on specific kiwi accent. I am dynamic and engaged people with everything in my life.

Best Regards.

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