Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thank God for the IELTS

The IELTS have been the experience in my life that has awaked more anxiety on me! Sometimes I think I’ll never have enough score in it, others moments, I feel I could have 7.5 on May, other, I feel I only will have 7.5 living in NZ. Frequently I’m studying for the IELTS and feel like the most stupid people around the world, another I feel very smart and able to learn very quick.

When the people are teenager, is really common feel this mix emotions and change on them, but now I’m 28, professional person and frequently, I’m a very stable….

Never and ever I was felt so many emotions toward a test, when I wanted start the university I was very nervous too, but I was sure, if I studied enough, I succeeded to enter. In that time, I studied a lot and I was in the university! I was the number 18 of 7000. Great achievement! 

But the IELTS is very difficult test, and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare for it. For this reason, I have felt bad about it.

Nevertheless, I have improving a lot; now I can write it, read a lot of things and understand them, I can understand the people on TV more than in the past, and sometimes I can speak good (not perfect, but good).
But I cannot forget, I’m psychologist, and is natural for my do some questions, and now I should questions to myself: why am I so many worry about this test? Why? If I know in sometime I can have enough score?????
Very important question! The simple answer: well, is too difficult, if I don’t have enough score I never will start my register in the Board of Psychologist on NZ, and can never go to life to NZ for better lifestyle… 

Well, all answers are good, and very difficult to refute! Is easy to think that is all!

Nevertheless, I’m psychologist still…. Now I need be sincere with myself and have better answers!

Have enough score in the IELTS is  the way to achieve my goal and dream, and live relax, quite, and go to walk at night for the beach, and work for have good lifestyle, and feel better! But still, is too the way to say good bye to the only life I’ve met and knew; is the way to say good bye to my patients, they are the reason of my professional election, and the IELTS is the way to say good bye them; is the way to say good bye for this crazy life when I can do that I want, but I know all of things. Is the way not see anymore some special people on my life,  or have a lot of time before can see some of them. Is the way, to change my life how I want and say good bye that I have!

For this reason, is great have the IELTS! Now I can feel worry only about the IELTS and not about anything!
Thank God for the IELTS on my life!


  1. did you get pass in the ielts exam ?

  2. Hi, I was sick some days before and after (during long time) test day, and I can not take it, and then I decided take the test in NZ after study English there.