Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Taks 1 in only 17 minuts.

The graph bellow could know the way of rainfall variations during the year 2004 for Somecountry.

This measurement started on January and finalized on December on 2004 with same level of rainfall in m.m. (was like 50 in both).

On the other hand, I possible to see, on February was the lowest level with less to 40m.m and during 3 months (February, March and April) was low, around 40m.m. this time.

Then, on May the level of rainfall started to grow with 45m.m. this month, and had continues increases during 3 months (May, June and July) and had a top on July with 60m.m.

A month later, on August was registered a little decrease and was less to 60m.m, but during September decreased to 50m.m. again.

However, on October was the biggest increase with like 65m.m, in contract with November and December when was possible to see a new decrease to 50m.m.

In conclusion, is possible understand how since July to October was the biggest level of rainfall with some exceptions, and since February to April the lowest level.

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