Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I can hardly walk by my knee like my soul.

My knee is broke and now I can hardly walk, and I’m feeling very bad. But I’m thinking, this problem in this life moment could be a perfect description about my mood.

Now, streets are really difficult, dangerous, ugly, etc.  My soul can’t walk by them, and feel a deeper hurt each time that it is necessary like my knee.

My husband is questioning himself about what kind of thing he will miss of this country when we’ll start our new life; and he ask me the same question. Insight me, I think: I had a lot of time looking for a place where I could do a MRI, with hurt and my knee very bad; but still, I can´t do it, because in this country the most simples things are a terrible battle. Today, I lost the battle; I’ll try tomorrow again; but each small battle is part of the war looking for better lifestyle in another sun place, in the place where the kiwis live without fear.

I know, in the kiwis home, I’ll have another troubles, and I’ll need development my ability to solvent them, and is ok for me, because I don’t want this troubles anymore! I want another kind of life with its difficult things, I don’t want this anymore!

I want solvent my knee problem, and do simple things without feel that is a biggest achievement. I want my achievement be having a house, a work, a car, friends, great vacations, for example… I don’t want buy milk be a biggest achieve anymore!!

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